Other opportunities to support the FMI Foundation:

The FMI Foundation Annual Giving Campaign

FMI Foundation LogoThe last few years have presented a new set of challenges when it comes to fundraising and continuing to provide the high level of programming and support for the industry.  In addition to events like the Supper Bowl and FMI 45 RPM, The Foundation has begun outreach to our loyal supporters to help out in any capacity they can.  Thank you to our generous sponsors of the 2022 campaign, and we hope we can count on all of you to support us in 2024!


Stir It Up!The FMI Foundation is putting the FUN back in Fundraising with our fundraising event, Stir It Up! Where food industry leaders prepare, share and dare to make the best family meal. 

This exciting, lively, and friendly competition takes place during the Midwinter Executive Conference

Stir It Up! is a fun cooking challenge with our own FMI Foundation supporters designing and serving tasting menus from "Demo Kitchen Stations" that will be set up for casual dining and your entertainment. Each "Demo Kitchen Station" will compete against each other to raise the most money and to win cooking awards honoring Family Meals. 

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