Year four of National Family Meals Month™ shows growth in all areas from top-notch tools and support from FMI Foundation, partners joining in the movement, increased partner collaborations, excellence in campaign creativity and reach, and greater consumer engagement and campaign awareness! The movement is catching on and so are the benefits for retailers and consumers alike!


What began as a campaign in 2015 has grown exponentially into a movement over just four years! September 2018 represented significant increases in every type of implementer group including Retailers, Suppliers, and Community Collaborators; updated resources and steadfast support from FMI Foundation; greater visibility in the marketplace; and, ultimately, a monumental increase in the population experiencing National Family Meals Month™, as well as those eating together more often as a family.

More specifically, in 2018, National Family Meals Month™ served up next-level:

Support! FMI Foundation provided:

  • An updated Best Practices Guide to showcase true excellence among partners implementing family meals programming and inspiring consumers to action;
  • A refreshed website and recruitment tools;
  • New infographics (with a total of 20 to choose from);
  • A Whitepaper titled Power of Family Meals summarizing the consumer research related to social, emotional, health, and financial benefits of meal sharing at home;
  • A series of factoid videos; and
  • Partner co-branding opportunities!

Collaboration! A highlight of this year’s National Family Meals Month™ programming was the significant growth in every partner category, as well as the creative executions and enthusiasm brought by each. In 2018, retailer partners grew by 20 percent, suppliers by 40 percent, and community collaborators by 37 percent!  

Visibility! In addition to the millions of media impressions through broadcast, newspapers, online sources, and others, for the third year in a row, National Family Meals Month™ was on display as a billboard in NYC’s Times Square—it doesn’t get more visible than that!  The number of consumers who experienced the National Family Meals Month™ campaign, as measured by Nielsen, jumped from 13 percent in 2017 to 28 percent in 2018—a 115 percent increase in just one year.

Connection! In addition to providing support in the form of turnkey tools and materials to be utilized by partners, in 2018 FMI Foundation engaged in activities designed to foster greater connections with and between influencers and implementers. These include an e-blast series, one-on-one outreach, industry events, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo engagement, and RD communicator outreach.  

Impact! Each year, FMI Foundation partners with Nielsen to measure the progress and impact of the campaign to continue to foster forward movement over time. Learnings following the 2018 campaign reveal a very positive reception to National Family Meals Month™ programming. The most frequent consumer reactions included feeling that it is a good concept (51 percent), is informative (35 percent), provided new ideas (28 percent), and inspired more time with family (26 percent). Above all, however, is the impact we collectively continue to make in mealtime behavior. This year, we saw a 33 percent increase over 2017 in those saying they are eating together more as a family!

We are excited for the opportunity to share our 2018 National Family Meals Month™ Gold Plate Award winners, without whom there would be no movement:

2018 Gold Plate Award Winners!

  • Small retailer: Skogen’s Festival Foods, “Festival Family Meals: Kid-Approved Foods”
  • Medium retailer: Giant Food Stores, “Power of One More Family Meal”
  • Large retailer: Hy-Vee, Inc., “Hy-Vee, Inc’s National Family Meals Month Campaign”
  • Wakefern Food Corp, “National Family Meals Month at ShopRite”
  • Food Manufacturer: Kellogg’ Company, “Family Meals for Healthier, More Successful, Safer Kids!”
  • Community Collaborator: Produce for Better Health Foundation, Fruits and Veggies -- More Matters Month: A Focus on Family Meals

2018 Honorable Mentions!

  • Martin’s Super Markets, “The Flavorful Four”
  • Tops Friendly Markets, “Raising Our Mitt to Commit! #FamilyMealsMonth”
  • Coborn’s, “Healthy for Good™ Family Meals”
  • Albertsons Companies, “Kid Approved Meals for the Whole Family”
  • The Kraft Heinz Company, “Kraft Heinz Celebrates Family Meals Month

To make your mark on family meals by getting involved in the 2019 campaign, visit our National Family Meals Month™ website for resources and more.