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The Power of Customer Service: Keeping Your Customer First (DVD)

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Retailer/Wholesaler Members & Association Council - $80.00
Associate & Private Brand Members - $140.00
NonMember - $160.00


This 20 minute DVD-training program introduces basic concepts for providing outstanding customer service, encouraging customers to return to the store on a regular basis. The training is designed for new employees and current store employees needing refresher training. The DVD features Cynthia and Dennis, two new supermarket associates who've had very little direct customer interaction. An off-camera narrator guides them in different situations throughout the store to build and reinforce their customer service skills. With each interaction, Cynthia and Dennis become more and more comfortable and skilled in interacting with customers, solving problems and building customer loyalty. The program covers customer service skills awareness in the following areas: * Understanding body language * Owning the problem and taking responsibility * Listening effectively * Responding positively * Suggestive selling * Taking the initiative

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