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Shopping For Health 2014


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This report examines shoppers’ interest and attitudes, as well as in-store activities, regarding health and nutritional concerns and the ways in which these play out in purchase decisions at the grocery store. Shopping for Health 2014: - measures and tracks what grocery shoppers are buying, how they are shopping and how this is changing over time - measures and tracks the healthfulness of shoppers’ diets and what’s driving the move toward healthy eating and decisions on what food to buy - discusses how shoppers try to achieve healthy eating in terms of avoiding, substituting, or limiting foods - measures and tracks local and organic foods’ influence on grocery shoppers - examines the differences in shopping and eating habits between men and women as well as among generational groups - measures and tracks parents’ attitudes and activities around planning meals for family and children. - discusses the usage and interest of in-store services, information, and offerings With health and wellness becoming increasingly important in retailers’ marketing and merchandising efforts, this report is a must-have for everyone in the food industry. The report is developed jointly by FMI and Rodale Inc.

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Product ID: 3119
Publication Year: 2014