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Helping Shoppers Overcome the Barriers to Choosing Healthful Foods


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This product is only available to FMI members, Click here to log in and purchase the product. The choices we make in every aisle of the supermarket ultimately affect our health. Helping customers purchase and prepare nutritious foods is a key priority for many retailers, manufacturers and health agencies. Many have intensified their focus and resources to promote positive food choices, yet many supermarket operators and manufacturers are asking common questions: Are we meeting shopper needs? How can we most effectively build trial, usage and advocacy of healthful products? What are the most compelling ways to help shoppers make healthful food choices and manage their personal health concerns? We sought to answer these crucial questions with quantitative shopper research designed to uncover what shoppers really want and how to design programs or services that best align with their needs. The research quantifies the hurdles that make it difficult for many to consume healthy meals, and measures shopper interest in a wide range of services supermarkets might provide to help customers overcome these hurdles to healthful eating.

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