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Helping Shoppers Make Healthful Choices through Simple Substitutes


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This product is only available to FMI members, Click here to log in and purchase the product. How can we motivate shoppers to make the healthful choice? Many are unsure about how lower calorie, lower fat and lower sodium options will taste; and this uncertainty often prevents them from trying the broad variety of better-for-you products stocked in every aisle of the store. While 82% agree making small changes now can have a big impact on the calories they consume this year, 7 in 10 are selective about the low-calorie products they purchase. Coupons are an effective way to drive trial. By lowering the out-of-pocket cost, coupons reduce the risk of trying a product for the first time. These insights led a team at the Catalina Marketing Corporation to develop Simple Substitutes®, a marketing campaign built on the premise that: Small changes in the foods we choose can have a big impact on the overall amount of calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium consumed each year Direct-to-shopper campaigns have the power to drive trial of better-for-you products among previously resistant shoppers. To assess the power of the Simple Substitutes® concept, a combination of in-market testing and attitudinal research was conducted through a collaborative initiative led by the Catalina Marketing Corporation and the Food Marketing Institute.

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Product ID: 2349
Publication Year: 2010