2016 Private Brands D.C. Summit

October 13-14, 2016 PRIVATE BRANDS DC SUMMIT

Welcome FMI Private Brand Member companies!  

At the Private Brands DC Summit, FMI Member attendees will have the opportunity to explore and discuss a number of key regulatory and business related topics. Through this unique forum, attendees will explore key implications and identify methods to address and execute against the growing number of key enfluencers from government and consumer demand changing the private brand retailing landscape: 

  • Nutrition Facts Panel Update
  • Federal GMO Legislation
  • Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)
  • Future of Food Retailing: What Role will Private Brands Play?
  • Supply Chain (Traceability, Data Quality, Code Dating)

Additionally, the Private Brand Executive Committee will release new research titled, Power of Private Brands. This research will explore trends from the register, a conversation with industry stakeholders, and a look into social media as a tool to better understand how consumers feel and shop private brands.

We are also very excited to announce, the Canadian Government has extended an invitation to host our council at the Canadian Embassy for an evening of networking, fine food, and more…

For more information on the FMI Private Brand Leadership Council and the Private Brands DC Summit, contact Doug Baker.