2013 Annual Business Conference (ABC): Registered Attendees

The following list shows all attendees as of January 21, 2022.

Attendee Name Title  Company
Mark Ahlstrom Director, True Grocery
Brian Allen Vice President, Business Development
Joe Amedio Customer Vice President, SuperValu
Jim Amerio Vice President, Sales
Scott Andrews Supply Chain Manager Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.
Pam Arnason Director, Field Sales
Steve Arnold Senior Vice President and Division Manager
Bryan Atkenson Associate Sales Development Manager, National Brands
Chris Avery Vice President of Customer Marketing
Colleen Bailey Senior Manager, Meeting Services FMI
Greg Bailey Team Lead Regional Food, West
Curt Balara Director, Customer Development
Shane Balcik Strategic Planning Manager Mars Wrigley Confectionery
Joseph Banas Regional Business Manager, Central
Katy Banfield Director, Business Development
Pete Barber Vice President, Broker Sales
Tommy Baroody Vice President, Managing Director Nestle Purina PetCare Company
Dwight Battles Vice President and District Manager, Rochester and Southern Tier Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.
Lee Beane Regional Business Manager, East
Doug Behrens President and Chief Customer Officer Kind Snacks
Dennis Belcastro Vice President, Industry Affairs and Customer Development Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Carolyn Belloni Vice President, Customer and Category Business, Pet The J.M. Smucker Company
Brenda Benkert Director, Team Sales Kellogg Company
Andrew Benson Senior Vice President, Sales CytoSport Hormel Foods Corporation
Steve Berg Vice President and Managing Director Nestle Purina PetCare Company
Tim Bernard Senior Vice President, Sales
Alice Berquam Director, Food Channel Regional Teams
JoAnn Bertrand Assistant to Vice President, North America Ocean Spray
S. Neal Berube President and CEO
Cass Black Vice President, Sales South Mondelez International
Nigel Blackhall Vice President, Managing Director
David Blosser Director, Sales, South
Chris Boever Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer The Hain Celestial Group Inc.
Mary Bohannon Senior Customer Manager General Mills, Inc.
Mike Bokarae Head of AWG Team, West Area Sales
Scott Bolonda Vice President and General Manager, US CPD Sales and Marketing
Karen Boriskey Vice President, Human Resources Hy-Vee, Inc.
Dave Brady Vice President, Regional Accounts
Amy Breault Director
Rick Brindle Vice President, Industry Development Mondelez International
Blaine Bringhurst Executive Vice President, Marketing, Merchandising and Store Operations Price Chopper Supermarkets
Sec Briselli Senior Director, Sales Strategy The Hershey Company
Kevin Broe Vice President, Center Store
Bruce Brown Vice President, Strategy and Planning Kellogg Company
James Brown Vice President, Grocery Sales
Joe Brown Team Lead Regional Food
Lori Brown Regional Business Director
Pat Brown Vice President, Customer Supply Chain
Edward Brunot President and COO, MDV
Stuart Bruton Head Buyer W. Lee Flowers & Co., Inc.
Jennifer Bryant Director Customer Development Mondelez International
Fred Buehler Senior Director, Region Accounts, Sales
Robert Bukovec Vice-President Strategic Growth Capabilities Tyson Foods, Inc.
Mike Burkett Team Lead, Regional Food South
David Burns Area Vice President, South Mondelez International
Thomas Byom Director, Central Region Hormel Foods Corporation
Robert Caliendo Vice President of National Accounts, Large Format Vita Coco
Paul Callahan Senior Vice President
John Campion Director, High Focus Team, Eastern Region
Angelo Cannistraci Group Vice President, Center Store, Pharmacy and Senior Merchandising Coordinator
Darin Carlson Director, Sales The Coca-Cola Company
Mario Carrington Director, Sales - Central
Darren Carter Corporate Manager, Category Sales, CPS Hormel Foods Corporation
Tara Castellani Customer Development Manager
Richard Charrier Executive Vice President and COO
Victor Chiono Vice President, Sales, West U.S.
Joel Clark Director, Grocery
Craig Clasen Senior Vice President, Retail Business Development
Cam Clocter Associate
Cameron Cloeter Senior Vice President
Jack Cloherty Vice President
Michael Cohen Director of Merchandising, Metro Division C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
Craig Cole Director, Sales - Northeast
Kristina Cole President, Sales and Chief Customer Officer Danone North America
Tim Cole Executive Vice President, Sales
John Collier Vice President, Promotional Buying
Peter Collins Senior Director, Business Development & Membership FMI
Jim Connell Director of Sales The Coca-Cola Company
Bryan Cook Customer Business Leader Mars Wrigley Confectionery
Jerry Cook Senior Vice President, Sales
Paul Cooke Vice President and Director, Industry Relations
Josh Cooper Director, Customer Commercialization
Judy Copetas Associate Director, Customer Market Knowledge, Food Channel
Thomas Corley President, Retail and Established Brands
Michael Cormier Vice President, Center Store Big Y Foods, Inc.
Leonard Corpora Senior Category Manager, Grocery
Brent Cotten Vice President, Global Customer and Industry Affairs The Hershey Company
Gary Cox Director, Agency HQ
John Coyle Vice President, Customer Supply Chain
Walter Crump Senior Promotions Manager
Jeffery Cullar Director, Customer Development
Jim Curl Vice President - East The Coca-Cola Company
Monisha Dabek Director of Sales
Derek Dafoe Director, Family Care
Kathie Day Vice President
Derek De La Mater Chief Customer Officer and Executive Vice President, Sales Conagra Brands
Vincent Delgado National Sales Manager The Procter & Gamble Distributing Company LLC
Mike Deranleau Senior Director, Region Accounts Kellogg Company
Mike DeSimone Director, Center Store Price Chopper Supermarkets
Rich Desimone Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing Alpha 1 Marketing, Inc.
Sean Desmond Merchandising and Category Manager
Robert Digrigoli Team Leader, Albertsons
Nicholas Dispenziere Director, NonPerishable Sales and Merchandising Wakefern Food Corp.
Jim Dodge Associate
Karen Doggendorf Manager, Industry Relations Nestle Purina PetCare Company
Bill Donovan Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Jim Donzelli Senior Vice President, Sales Conagra Brands
Brian Duff Senior Vice President, Buying and Logistics Associated Food Stores, Inc.
Paul Duffley Director of Sales The Clorox Company
Frank Duffy Regional Vice President Sales, Eastern Region McCormick & Company, Inc.
Drew Dulmage Grocery Sales Director
Scott Dunkley Director, Customer Planning Food Channels The Hershey Company
Don Dyess Vice President of Procurement, Grocery, General Merchandise and HBC
John Eckroate Director, Sales
David Edwards Grocery Procurement Manager Wakefern Food Corp.
Brad Einck Senior Customer Manager General Mills, Inc.
Kevin Elliott President and COO
Rick Ellis Vice President, Marketing
Gari Estill Vice President of Sales The Grocers Supply LLC
Bruce Evans Senior Director of Sales Georgia-Pacific
Steve Falso Sales Director
Joseph Fantozzi President
Dagmar Farr Chief Member Relations Officer and Senior Vice President, Membership and Education FMI
Kip Faulhaber Senior Vice President, Merchandising and Marketing Laurel Grocery Co., LLC
Rob Ferguson Senior Vice President and General Manager
Bob Ferretti Customer Team Leader The Clorox Company
Tim Fieldhouse Vice President, Field Sales
Brian Fischel Vice President, Grocery
Kevin Fitz Vice President, Center Store
Michael Fitzpatrick Managing Director
Colleen Flaherty Executive Vice President of Sales
James Flannery Senior Executive Vice President
Corey Flasco Director, Sales, E Commerce
Burt Flickinger Managing Director
Dennis Ford Vice President, Client Solutions
Robert Francesconi National Broker Team Leader
Joan Francolini Senior Director, Customer Marketing
Jeffrey Frank Vice President of Grocery Products Hormel Foods Corporation
William Frazer Vice President, U.S. Sales Strategy and Operations Mars Wrigley Confectionery
David Friedler Director, West Region Team
Deb Friedman Senior Director, Sales Danone North America
Dan Fudger Senior Vice President, Merchandising and Supply Chain Trade Relations C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
Curtis Funk Senior Vice President, Merchandising Lunds Food Holdings, Inc.
Mike Gaetz Frozen Dairy Buyer
Mike Galvin Vice President, Client Development Acosta
Mike Galvin Associate
Jesse Garcia Senior Vice President, Sales and CCO Post Consumer Brands
Tom Gaugert Team Leader, Supervalu
Rick Geary Executive Vice President W. Lee Flowers & Co., Inc.
Kristina Geier Vice President, Channel Sales Kellogg Company
Dean General Chief Commercial Officer
Suzanne George CMP Senior Manager, Education
Diane Giansante Vice President, Customer Marketing and Sales Strategy
Craig Gillett Director, Sales, West U.S.
Brian Ginn Customer Vice President
George Giorno Team Leader
Steven Goddard Chief Executive Officer
Steven Goodyear Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing Southeastern Mills
Matthew Gorman Senior Channel Development Manager
John Gottstein Customer Sales Executive The Hershey Company
Ginny Grant Field Sales Director
John Gray Director, Commercial Accounts Merchants Distributors, LLC
Joya Gray Customer Supply Chain Team Leader
Kevin Greer Director General Mills, Inc.
Matt Gregory Chief Customer Officer & SVP - Health & Beauty The Clorox Company
Jamie Gronowski Executive Vice President
Michael Guanella Product Manager
Richard Gunn Senior Vice President, Merchandising and Marketing
Dave Haffner Vice President, Sales - West
Brenda Hambleton Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer
Patrick Hare Director, Industry Development
Michael Hargrove Director, Fresh Foods Harris Teeter LLC
Jeff Harris Director, Team Sales
Mark Harvey Executive Director, Category Sales
Greg Hasper Vice President, Wholesale Post Consumer Brands
Tim Hassett Senior Vice President and GM, Away From Home and Campbell North America and Chief Customer Officer
Ken Hathaway Vice President, Merchandising Non-Perishable
Janel Haugarth Executive Vice President and President, Independent Business and Supply Chain Services
Mike Haynes Team Leader
Deb Headley Grocery Category Manager Coborn's, Inc.
Martin Heaney Vice President, Sales East Mondelez International
Dennis Hickey Chief Merchandising Officer Krasdale Foods, Inc.
Brian Higgins Marketing Director General Mills, Inc.
Nancy Hill Vice President, HQCM Consumer Products
Thomas Hipwell Vice President and General Manager BlueTriton Brands
Tess Hohman Senior Manager, Industry Initiatives General Mills, Inc.
Mark Hojnicki Senior Director, Customer Supply Chain Conagra Brands
Mark Holbrook Customer Vice President, East
Steve Holdiman Director, Industry Development
Jeff Holdsworth Sourcing Strategy Group Manager Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.
Terry Holshouser Vice President, Customer Business Development Nestle Coffee Partners
Jim Holton Senior Vice President, Sales, Snacks Kellogg Company
Mark Hoover Category Development Manager The Clorox Company
Steve Hosler Senior Director, Sales Operations and Trade Relations
Donna Howard Vice President and Managing Director, Customer Facing Supply Chain
Dave Howlett Vice President, Dairy, Deli, and Frozen Wakefern Food Corp.
Wendy Hubbeling Vice President, Sales, Safeway Account
Dean Janeway Chief Executive Officer Key Food Stores Co-operative, Inc.
Bob Jaskolski President and COO
David Johnson Regional Sales Manager, Mid Atlantic
Mark Johnson Vice President, Center Store Merchandising
Amanda Jones Senior Director, Strategic Food Customers
Dave Jones Retired
James Jones Vice President, Trade Relations Big Heart Pet Brands
Kevin Jordan Area Vice President, Central
Thomas Joyce Vice President, Global Customer and Industry Affairs
Todd Keating Director, Sales - Northeast
Matthew Keller Senior Manager, Customer Development
Chris Kelly Senior Director, Sales Central Region Accounts
Gina Kelly Director of Sales, Regional Grocery The Clorox Company
Randal Kemnitz Director, Western Regions, CPS Hormel Foods Corporation
Randy Kemp Sales Director
Mark Kielczynski Manager, Grocery Logistics Grocery Marketing Division Wakefern Food Corp.
Beth Kincaid Customer Development Director, Central Division Unilever
Robert Kirch President
Brian Kittelson Director, Integrated Shopper Marketing
Mike Klei Customer Team Manager
Scott Kleingartner Director, In-Store Experience Post Consumer Brands
Susan Klug Executive Vice President and CMO
Andy Knoblauch Vice President, Center Store Merchandising Coborn's, Inc.
George Knobloch Chief Operating Officer Key Food Stores Co-operative, Inc.
Doug Knudsen President, ConAgra Foods Sales
Mike Kocisky Customer Development Director
David Krause Executive Vice President and CMO
Ari Labell Customer Marketing Director, Refreshments
Dennis Lancaster National Sales and Marketing Manager
Ed Landry Vice President, Sales, U.S. Consumer Foods
Doug Langan Manager of Customer Business Development, North America Regional Teams The Procter & Gamble Distributing Company LLC
Tom Larson Regional Business Director
Brian Lawson Division Vice President Nestle Nutrition
Keith Lea Senior Customer Manager
Timothy LeBel President of Sales, Mars Wrigley US Mars Wrigley Confectionery
Nancy Lebold Chief Executive Officer New Seasons Market
Jerry LeClair Executive Vice President, Chief Merchant Officer Brookshire Grocery Company
Brian Lernihan Vice President, Industry and Customer Development
Lohr LeSueur Vice President, Trade Marketing
Robert Lim Vice President, Sales - West
Joseph Livorsi II President
Yan Lo Senior Customer Manager General Mills, Inc.
David Lockwood Division Manager
Tom Lofland President Albertsons Companies, Inc. - Eastern Division
Phil Lombardo Chief Operating Officer Lunds Food Holdings, Inc.
Bill Loneman Retail Merchandising and Marketing Executive
Eric Loper Senior Customer Manager
Robert Lounsbery Director, Procurement
Denny Lukavsky Assistant Vice President, Purchasing, Grocery and Frozen
Russell Lund III Chairman and CEO Lunds Food Holdings, Inc.
Bob Lutz Vice President, Procurement
Jeff Lutz Customer Sales Manager Georgia-Pacific
Catherine Magistrelli Vice President Non-Foods General Merchandise Wakefern Food Corp.
Nick Malm Director, Sales
Anthony Manna Agency Sales Manager Georgia-Pacific
Marco Manocchio Vice President, Customer and Category Business Team, Consumer Foods The J.M. Smucker Company
Ward Maresca Director of Sales
Gary Marino Customer Operations Manager
Scott Marquez Customer Vice President, New York and Pennsylvania The Kraft Heinz Company
John Martino VP, Sales and Operations BlueTriton Brands
Richard Martino Area Vice President
Pete Marucci Vice President and Managing Director Nestle Purina PetCare Company
Allan Masters Director, Sales, Warehouse The Coca-Cola Company
Bill Masterson Vice President, Large Store and Central Region
Jasmine Mastroianna Grocery Category Manager
Robert Maybee Vice President, Loyalty and Insights Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.
John Mayer Strategic Advisor
William Mayo Senior Vice President, Logistics, Technology and Engineering Wakefern Food Corp.
Paul McClellan Customer Vice President, East Area
Rich McCloskey Team Leader, East Direct
Michael McCusker Team Leader
William McEwen Senior Customer Manager
John McGinty Vice President, Global Sales Advisor Nestle USA, Inc.
Lindsay McShane Associate Director, Food Channel Product Supply Manager
Peter McSorley Food Channel CBDM, Central The Procter & Gamble Distributing Company LLC
Bob McTeir President
Joy Mead Associate Director, Marketing The Procter & Gamble Distributing Company LLC
Gilles Mellet Senior Consultant Strategic Resource Group
Joseph Mercer Team Leader DelHaize, MidAtlantic
Cindy Merkel Director, Sales Kellogg Company
David Merritt Senior Vice President, Sales Conagra Brands
James Messer Vice President, Merchandising
J. Christopher Michael Chairman Emeritus
Ryan Michaelis Corporate Manager, Category Sales, CPS Hormel Foods Corporation
Trey Moser Director, Analytics and Insights
Kurt Mueller Senior Vice President, Sales Hormel Foods Corporation
Tim Myers Vice President and Division Manager
Johnny Naranjo Team Leader, West Direct
Bill Nasshan Managing Director
Julie Nee Senior Director Strategic Food Customers
Ryan Newhart Sales Development Manager
Dennis Noone Vice President, Grocery Sales
Jane Novak-Cook Vice President, North America Grocery
Kelly O'Connor Manager, Customer Logistics Georgia-Pacific
Ian O'Donnell Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
Mike O'Donnell Executive Director, Procurement, CA
Timothy O'Neill Vice President, Sales
Greg Oldright Vice President, VMC Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
Keith Olscamp Director - Industry Affairs & Collaboration Consumer Brands Association
Valerie Oswalt Executive Vice President and President of Campbell Snacks Campbell Soup Company
Robert Palmer Chief Executive Officer C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
Virginia Palmer Customer Business Development Manager The Procter & Gamble Distributing Company LLC
Terry Palmisano Vice President, Center Store Sales Associated Grocers, Inc. (LA)
Vinit Patel Head of Customer Development - Grocery Unilever
Tony Patrignelli Senior Director, Trade Optimization and Customer Operations
Paul Patten Group Vice President, Center Store Wakefern Food Corp.
Frank Pecoraro President and CEO
Jorge Pena Vice President, GM Food Channels
Stephen Petagna Field Vice President, West and Central
Jeffrey Peterson Customer Vice President
Michele Polanco Director, Commercialization and Innovation Planning
Robbie Powell Vice President, Client Development Acosta
Frank Puleo Vice President, Retail Marketing and Services
Patrick Quinn Category Management Analyst
Tim Quinn Vice President, Trade Development
Dewayne Rabon Chief Merchant & Senior Vice President, Merchandising Southeastern Grocers, Inc.
Jason Ramsey Executive Vice President of Merchandising Lowes Foods, LLC
Matt Rausch Customer Sales Director Georgia-Pacific
Kim Reed General Manager, Grocery
Sean Reid Executive Vice President, North America Jack Links Protein Snacks
Todd Reid Customer Business Manager, Supervalu
Scott Reily Senior Vice President, Logistics
Linda Rendle Chief Executive Officer and President The Clorox Company
Rick Rexing Vice President Sales, National Accounts The Clorox Company
Craig Reynolds Regional Vice President, Sales, Western Region McCormick & Company, Inc.
Bob Richardson Director, Sales, Customer and Industry Development The Clorox Company
Michael Richardson Director, Category Management, Center Store Associated Grocers, Inc. (LA)
Michael Ridenour Head of Industry Relations and Sales Operations The Kraft Heinz Company
Dafry Rivera Associate Director Urban
Anna Robins Senior Customer Marketing Manager
Lyndsay Rogers Region Vice President, Morning Foods Sales Kellogg Company
Gary Roland Vice President, Grocery Sales
Rich Rosin Vice President Procurement and Merchandising Robesonia Logistics LLC
Randy Rosinski Divisional Vice President
William Rossi Senior Director, Geographic Food Customers
Robert Rothove Vice President and Division Manager Associated Wholesale Grocers - Great Lakes Division
Chris Rowley Division Vice President, Sales
Mark Rutledge Vice President, Category Planning
Jack Ryan Director, Customer Logistics
Bobby Santulli Field Vice President, East Division Henkel Corporation
Krista Sauder Director, Sales
Michelle Sayers Business Manager
Frank Schmitt Vice President, Center Store
Mike Schultz Business Development Manager
Ellen Schum Executive Vice President, Chief Customer Officer B&G Foods, Inc.
Steve Schumacher Vice President, Customer Development, Supermarkets, West Unilever
Patrick Schwab Vice President, Sales Hormel Foods Corporation
John Seeberger Vice President, U.S. Grocery
Julie Seibert Director Nestle Purina PetCare Company
John Shaw Associate Directory, Finance
Leah Sheforgen Associate
Ern Sherman Vice President, Retail Industry Affairs
Todd Shy Director, Customer Development and Service Mondelez International
Jeff Siegel Vice President, Customer Interface Group
Kim Sines Director, Customer Development
Bridget Skoog Senior Customer Manager
Bob Smith Divisional Vice President
Lindsay Smith Senior Customer Manager General Mills, Inc.
Pat Smith Manager, Customer Engagement Mondelez International
Jerry Smola Vice President, Sales
Paul Smucker Wagstaff Chief Executive Officer
Bill Spain Manager, N.A. Industry Affairs
Gary Spinazze Vice President, Vendor Relations
Grant Stallknecht Region Vice President, Emerging Post Consumer Brands
Regenia Stein Principal Ingenuity Consulting
Jason Stewart Region Vice President, Morning Food Sales Kellogg Company
Roger Story Vice President, District Manager
Dominic Strada Vice President, U.S. Retail Sales Nestle Nutrition
Randy Sullins Vice President, Trade Relations
Joseph Super Vice President, Customer Management, West
Tom Swanson Executive Vice President & General Manager of Corporate Retail SpartanNash Company
Luis Tejada Vice President, Business Development and Marketing
Brad Thomas Vice President, Sales - South
Terry Thomas Executive Vice President and CCO Unilever
Chad Thompson Regional Account Manager
Peter Thompson Director, Customer and Industry Development
Chris Timko Director, National Brands
John Torru Senior Vice President, Sales and Market Development
Mike Townley Agency Sales Manager Georgia-Pacific
Mark Traverse Region Vice President
Tony True Executive Vice President, Sales
Mike Truran Director of Sales and Business Development
James Tupy Vice President, Retail Sales Jennie-O Turkey Store
Brett Van de Bovenkamp Vice President, Sales Strategy and Capabilities Tyson Foods, Inc.
Kristy Vigil Senior Vice President, US Grocery & Natural Kind Snacks
Robert Villapiano Director Wakefern Food Corp.
Chip Vineyard Team Leader Nestle USA, Inc.
Jeff Vogel Senior Customer Sales Manager
Ron Volpe Senior Director, Strategy and Customer Development
Larry Vorpahl Group Vice President and President, Hormel Food International
Kristen Wallen Vice President of Sales, Alternate Channels Post Consumer Brands
Patrick Walsh Senior Advisor FMI
Dean Wasniewski Client Service Director
Billy Watts Customer Vice President, East General Mills, Inc.
Dale Weikel Regional Business Manager
Jeffrey Weston Vice President of Sales, Regional Supermarket
Cindi Wick Senior Customer Engagement Manager
Tracy Wietzke Associate Manager, Customer Events Kellogg Company
Paul Wildermuth Senior Customer Manager General Mills, Inc.
Mark Wilhite Director, Sales, Retail Grocery General Mills, Inc.
Kevin Wille Director, Customer Development
Deb Willeman Category Manager
Cheryl Williams Chief Information Officer Wakefern Food Corp.
Wanette Wise Senior Director Region Accounts
Christopher Witte Vice President, Customer Development Tyson Foods, Inc.
Matt Wood Associate
Terry Wood Chief Operating Officer SpartanNash Company
Phillip Worley Director, Grocery Operations K-VA-T Food Stores, Inc.
David Wurm Vice President, Walmart and Sam's Club General Mills, Inc.
David Wydman Regional Director, Grocery
Bradford Wyman Senior Director, Supply Chain Georgia-Pacific
Peter Wyman Vice President, North American Sales
Gerald Yacavone Senior Director, Sales Georgia-Pacific
Ted Yeomans ASM Director of Client Services, Mars and Wrigley
Donna Zambo Vice President and CMO Allegiance Retail Services, LLC (Foodtown)
Mark Zielinski Team Leader East, Grocery
Charles Zimmerman Customer Development Director