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Freight Handlers, Inc.

P.O. Box 546
Raleigh-Durham, NC 27526-0546
United States
Tel: 919-552-3157 |

Freight Handlers, Inc. provides unloading services to the retail grocery, general merchandise and food service industries. Additional labor resources are also provided -freight hauling, case selection, pallet sorting, and trailer switching.

FHI is the quality leader in the professional unloading industry, providing the best overall cost, given competitive pricing and exceptional operational performance. FHI's company-paid benefits and competitive production-paid earnings result in quality employees, low turnover and superior service to our customers.

Information is the key to lowering your supply chain costs. Detailed management reports identify component costs that can be reduced or eliminated. Our direct invoicing relationships, with vendors and carriers, ensure the lowest cost supply chain solutions where everyone wins.

When you decide to partner with FHI, you can eliminate the hassles of independent lumpers, improve dock safety, and achieve a new level of dock productivity which is being enjoyed today by the two largest, privately-held grocery retailers in the USA.

Primary Contact:
Mr. Ryan Wall
Chief Executive Officer
Merchandising Services
Supply Chain
Transportation/Distribution Services
Other - Unloading & Selecting Services to retail distribution, merchandising, stocking and sets, reset servi

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