COVID-19 Family Meal Tips

Family Meals

Apr 17, 2020
Here is a list of resources that will hopefully serve as inspiration for your next meal with friends and family!
  • Child nutrition expert, Jill Castle, presents Family Style Meals 101 to teach kids autonomy at the table while creating memories.
  • Why Karen Ansel says that family meals are the best gift to give your loved ones right now in Cooking Light magazine.
  • According to Melissa Joy Dobbins, in her Sound Bites Podcast, what happens during a meal is just as important as what is being served
  • For tips on making family mealtime a habit, tune in to the Liz's Healthy Table podcast for a conversation between Liz Weiss and guest, Brianne DeRosa, from The Family Dinner Project.
  • Bring your kids into the kitchen to make fun and easy snack recipes for the family LIVE with registered dietitian, Holley Grainger, and her daughters. The mother-daughter trio cook LIVE together 3 times each week on Facebook on Cleverful Living with Holley Grainger. To date, they have hosted over two dozen Virtual Snack Dates making recipes such as Fruit and Veggie Bugs, Strawberry Fruit Smoothie, Loaded Chicken Nachos, and S'Mores Brownie Bites.
  • The Bell Institute has curated Family Meal Resources, including their "Plus It Up" infographics and more!
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