What is the Family Meals Movement?

Family Meals Movement

What began as a campaign to shine a light on the importance of family meals during one month in 2015 has grown exponentially over a period of four years. Unquestionably, the month of September will continue to serve as an opportunity to accentuate the value of family meals. However, it is clear that support of family meals has evolved to be far more significant than a promotional sales period for retailers such as back-to-school or grilling seasons. Rather, it has become a social movement – The Family Meals Movement.

What is National Family Meals Month?

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Each September, our country celebrates National Family Meals Month™ -- a nationwide event designed to support families in enjoying more meals together using items purchased at the grocery store and, as a result, reap the many health and social benefits of doing so. 

The aim is simple: pledge to have one more meal together, at home, per week. What is less simple, we know, is the practical aspect of making this happen. That’s where we come in.  You bring the desire and we bring the support. 

This educational program is designed for you and brought to you by the FMI Foundation, an organization whose mission is to support food retail through research and education on important topics including food safety, nutrition, and health, in partnership with our dedicated retailer, supplier, and community partners. 

More than 8 in 10 parents say it is important to eat at home together as a family and, those who miss dinners, in particular, say they are trying to eat with their child more.  This is our mission.  

Several years into the family meals movement, we have seen this support pay off for families like you! Those who have seen the campaign, not only like the concept, feel it’s informative, and appreciated the new ideas, but the vast majority were able to take action and make family mealtime a reality!

September is the perfect month to join in the conversation that encourages and inspires people to return to the kitchen to enjoy wholesome meals together. Join the movement and to commit to one more meal at home per week this September for #FamilyMealsMonth!

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