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Power of Bakery 2019

Apr 17, 2019

power of bakery webinarBakery combines functional needs with emotional wants like few other departments in the store. While many consumers shop both the aisle and the in-store bakery, they each have very different strengths, according to shoppers.

This webinar reviews the first ever Power of Bakery report including:

- Bakery sales and growth opportunities across the store.
- Following the bread crumbs: where do consumers buy functional, indulgent and special occasion items?
- Where lie the strengths and opportunities for the aisle and the in-store bakery, respectively?
- Production: how do shoppers define freshness and how important is baking from scratch?
- Can customer service drive sales, or how about sales specials?
- Lastly, which ingredients and claims are trending and how important is health-and well being when buying functional or indulgent items?


  • Rick Stein Vice President of Fresh Food Marketing Institute
  • Anne-Marie Roerink Principal 210 Analytics, LLC
  • Robb Mackie President & CEO American Bakery Association 

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