Taylor_Cover_ImageSustainability is increasingly on the radar of consumers and food industry companies, and the fresh foods sector is heavily focused on this topic. Areas of emphasis range from food waste to packaging and continue to expand in number. The fresh foods industry has opportunities to enhance its sustainability strategies, practices and metrics to drive more success.

This FreshForward Conversations episode covers this topic by addressing the following points:

  • Sustainability efforts on energy, waste, packaging, and food accessibility will gain even more attention as company approaches evolve into ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) frameworks.
  • Communicating sustainability efforts is key to achieving success and getting credit from stakeholders.
  • Making use of certifications and ESG reports can enhance how companies communicate efforts.
  • The industry has openings to accelerate sustainability through more standardization in metrics and reporting practices.
  • Over time retailers and suppliers will gradually get a better handle on how goals are coming to life and how consumers are reacting.