Screen Shot talking private brandsFMI’s Talking Private Brands Series, designed for private brands professionals, brings to life insights with on-demand segments of industry thought leadership. 

Supply chain challenges. Rapid consumer adoption of ecommerce. New patterns of in-home and away from home dining. New safety measures. Labor force adjustments. Over the last two years, the industry has dealt with an array of changes both introduced and accelerated by the pandemic. It sometimes seems as though change is the only constant. And, it is almost certain that more change is in store as consumers and companies adjust to the next normal. Some change has been prompted by external forces, others by new strategies and processes built to take advantage of new opportunities. No matter where it originates, change can be very challenging for organizations and the people who are their lifeblood. The private brands industry is certainly no exception. In this session, Colby Fordham, Principal, Strategic Growth at Root will discuss how to effectively communicate and scale strategy or other change initiatives to create lasting change.


  • Doug Baker, Vice President Industry Relations, FMI
  • Colby Fordham, Principal, Strategic Growth, Root
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