POFARGrocery foodservice is at a competitive inflection point. In an instant, consumers went from eating more than half of their meals away from home to cooking and eating virtually all their meals at home and 59% of Americans expect to cook as many meals at home as they do now. Notably, prior to the pandemic, in February 2020, 52% of all household food spending was spent at restaurants, away from supermarkets and grocery stores. Two months later, that fell to 30%. This underscores the power in convenience-driven retail foodservice observed by the grocery shopper. The FMI Power of Foodservice at Retail evaluates three significant themes that have implications for this competitive landscape: Visibility at retail. Hybrid meals support shoppers. Convenience enabled by technology. We'll share an overview of the Power of Foodservice at Retail 2021, which provides insight on drivers of recovery and growth opportunities by looking at all aspects of grocery deli-prepared through the eyes of the consumer. The study also underscores implications for the food retail industry to capture and expand its pre-pandemic share of the total food dollar.

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