Top Trends 4Shoppers who are willing to make trade-offs for the environment represented 27% of fresh food spending in Q2 2021. They also spent 30% more than other shoppers on fresh foods. These increasingly valuable shoppers expect recyclable packaging and biodegradable ingredients and see organic, grass-fed and all-natural claims in the fresh aisle as givens. Now, they are starting to prioritize sustainability claims around food waste, animal welfare and nitrate-free products too.

This webinar, part of the ongoing FMI and IRI “Top Trends in Fresh” series, will share the latest data and insights on how fresh is faring with consumers. Learn about the most critical emerging opportunities with sustainability-minded consumers, ways to leverage sustainability and transparency as sales drivers, and how to win with the shoppers who are willing to pay more for — and even switch stores for — eco-friendly products.


  • Rick Stein | Vice President, Fresh Foods | FMI
  • Sally Lyons Wyatt | Executive Vice President and Practice Leader, Client Insights | IRI
  • Jonna Parker | Principal, Fresh Center of Excellence | IRI

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