Talking Private Brands_smFMI’s Talking Private Brands Series, designed for private brands professionals, brings to life Power of Private Brands insights with on-demand segments of industry thought leadership.

One out of three consumers say they expect to purchase more private brands going forward. What's driving consumer private brand trends, and how are businesses keeping pace?

Key Discussion Points:

  • Buying Outlook: Last year, FMI's U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends COVID-19 Tracker found that consumers tried more private items during the pandemic when manufacturer brands were out of stock
  • Industry Imperatives: How can the industry build on the momentum with consumers sparked during the pandemic?
  • Consumer Segments: The FMI consumer research found certain consumer segments were more interested in buying more private brands in the future.
  • Price and Value: How does this finding help inform price and value strategies for private brands? 


  • Doug Baker | Vice President Industry Relations | FMI
  • Shelley Balanko, Ph.D. | Senior Vice President  | The Hartman Group, Inc.
  • Steve Markenson, | Director | Research & Insights | FMI 
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