plant based purchase trendsA recent IRi study showed the main drivers for buying plant-based food alternatives are health and diet, and have made their way into 53% of U.S. households. According to the study, this trend will only continue to grow. While each generation purchases plant-based food items, you will learn which consumers are most likely to buy these foods, and insights into their demographics and incomes. In general, younger consumers have a far more positive view of the health aspects of plant-based milks than older generations.

Participants will gain insights into plant-based consumer demographic and purchase trends including:

  • What’s working for plant-based products?
  • How are these products perceived and used by buyers?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • How do demographics and household composition affect perceptions and usage?
  • Key product purchase considerations.

Speaker: Mary Fair-Taylor, Principal and Team Lead,  IRI  

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Plant-Based Foods: Insights into Innovations, Growth and Shopper Trends

With the growing acceptance of plant-based foods and product offerings cutting across grocery categories and sales growth, FMI has set out to provide a free, online-learning series to share marketplace innovations, expand understanding of the plant-based consumer, dive into shopping trends and understand the labeling, naming compliance and regulatory landscape.

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