Power of Foodservice 2019Foodservice is a key differentiator and growth generator for grocery retailers, but it’s also an area of widely varying consumer wants and needs. Age, income, geography and many other factors impact shoppers’, like for, and integration of deli prepared into their meal lineup. The Power of Foodservice at Retail 2019 brings detailed insights into the attitudes and behaviors of the retail foodservice shopper to help optimize tactical and strategic decisions.

Webinar Objectives: Participants should attend this webinar in order to learn about:

America’s dinner and lunch decision making
The importance of variety and rotation in capturing business
The integration of technology in meal planning, ordering and retail foodservice decisions
The role of nutrition, balance and health in retail foodservice
Packaging and utensil preferences given the rising importance of environmental sustainability Consumer suggestions for improvement

Speakers: Anne-Marie Roerink 210 Analytics, LLC
Rick Stein Vice President, Fresh Foods Food Marketing Institute  

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