Speaks 2019The food retail industry is reporting numerous positive trends as it grapples with old issues and confronts new challenges. FMI’s President and CEO Leslie Sarasin gives an in-depth review of results from FMI’s 70th Food Retailing Industry Speaks survey. This webinar provides an insider’s glimpse into the State of the Food Retail Industry. From strategies to key industry benchmarks, Speaks explores a range of subjects including an expanded look at the impact of technology. Participants should attend this webinar in order to:

  • Learn how the industry is confronting challenges that have been ongoing for years and those that are newer and growing in intensity Identify product and service strategies food retailers find effective in differentiating themselves from the competition.
  • Determine current and expected use of key customer communication approaches.
  • Assess the health of the food retail industry through key operational and financial benchmarks.

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