r4Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere. It is being applied for different reasons, in all types of industries with varying results. For CPG, AI is essential to address the challenges you are currently facing from your new and existing competitors. Before you start evaluating the ins and outs of AI, it's important to understand why and how to apply it to your business. Here are key take-a-ways from this webinar:

  • What AI is and why you should use a cross-enterprise platform.
  • How the right AI solution can drive the right decisions to grow your business.
  • How AI is being used today in our industry.
  • What questions you should ask an AI vendor upfront.


  • David Bradley, Executive Vice President, r4 Technologies
  • Stephen Webster, CPG/Consumer Goods Market Leader, r4 Technologies
  • Gordon Wade, Thought Leader, Retail Performance Group 

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