Image for Deduction Management webinarDeduction Management is more costly than you think! But there is a way to fix this problem. Companies take deductions as a as part of the daily course of doing business. No surprise there. The problem is that suppliers don’t always anticipate these deductions, nor do they always know why they occur. Suppliers do not have a uniform, repeatable and scalable way to inquire about (or dispute) deductions and they resort to sending a patch work of calls and emails into their customers. For the Company receiving these inbound queries, managing the flurry or emails and calls is time-consuming and costly. (This may be costing you much more than you even know)
Companies must piece together a network of employees from multiple departments to receive, research and respond to every inquiry. At best, the process is wasteful and provides no value-add. Frequently the process drains resources, incurs unwarranted repays, and leads to vendor abrasion.

PRGX leverages nearly 50 years of experience to outline the true costs of Deduction Management and the subsequent management of supplier disputes. In this webinar, we will explore how you can finally quantify the costs of managing supplier disputes and deduction management, while providing a strong road map to solve the problem completely.

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