20161208-FMI-0155r-WEBConsumers’ shopping and eating patterns are changing, and they are shopping the perimeter of the store for fresh products like never before. Since there is a huge opportunity for retailers to differentiate themselves in the marketplace by making the most of their perimeter aisles, IRI, FMI and the FMI Fresh Food Executive Committee are joining forces to unveil the top five trends that will impact the fresh food industry in 2017. 

To take a deep dive into each of the top five trends, IRI and FMI also are hosting a series of monthly educational webinars, kicking off on Feb. 23 and running through July. Because today’s consumers want improve and maintain their overall health and well-being, the first webinar will focus on “Holistic Health.” Staying healthy and happy means shopping outside the aisles and hitting the perimeter of the store for fresh foods like fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat and fish. 

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