20151208-FMI-634-WEBDuring this webinar, USDA FSIS discussed what is required as part of the recently published final rule entitled, “Descriptive Designation for Needle- or Blade-Tenderized (Mechanically Tenderized) Beef Product.”

The final rule published in May 2015 and will become effective in May 2016. FSIS has also published Compliance Guidelines for Validating Cooking Instructions for Mechanically Tenderized Beef Products to assist establishments in developing validated cooking instructions for mechanically tenderized beef. 

The final rule amended the Federal meat inspection regulations and mandates that the following information be provided on a label for all raw or partially cooked needle- or blade-tenderized beef products, including beef products injected with a marinade or solution. Effective May 2016, all labels of raw or partially cooked tenderized beef products will need to include:

  1. The descriptive designation “mechanically tenderized,” “blade tenderized,” or “needle tenderized” and an accurate description of the beef components as part of the product name, and
  2. Validated cooking instructions.

Retail stores who repackage these products will also be required to include the descriptive designation and validated cooking instructions from the official establishment on the retail label.

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