Digital Seminars Recordings

  • Store Operations Series: A Leader's Passion

    Nov 10, 2022
    A leader’s primary function is to create a following. A great leader creates a passionate group of followers. View this session and learn some meaningful behaviors passionate leaders exhibit on a regular basis. To add an element of real-world application, we’ve invited one of the most passionate store managers to share some of the unique ways he exhibits his enthusiasm and zeal to create a passionate following.
  • Store Operations Series: Am I the Leader I Need to Be?

    Jul 14, 2022
    Most leaders have asked themselves this question at one time or another. Getting a clear, objective, and quantifiable answer, up till now, has been a real challenge. Whether leading a committee, a department, a community group, a sports team or a small business; genuine leaders excel in 11 distinct and measurable areas.
  • Store Operations Series: Fresh Focal Points On Demand

    May 11, 2022
    store operations- freshThis session will showcase creative examples of how the best accentuate their freshness impression in their Produce, Meat, Bakery and Deli Departments.
  • Store Directors Virtual Group: It's About Time

    Mar 04, 2020

    Cover Store Directors Virtual Group Its about time This session is about TIME and how it can be used more effectively in a retail environment. It showcases four practical, effective and time-tested time management techniques all embraceable with a modicum of effort.