Digital Seminars Recordings

  • Table Stakes - The Practical Implication of Transparency in Omnichannel Retail

    Feb 24, 2022
    TransparencyTwo-thirds of shoppers say they would switch from a brand they frequently buy to another brand that delivers detailed product information beyond core nutrition facts, according to our new research conducted with NielsenIQ.
  • Taking Advantage of Transparency

    Jul 27, 2021
    TransparencyTransparency on the digital shelf means providing consumers with rich product data that goes beyond the label. Product data is how brand manufacturers will communicate the benefits of their product, how retailers will deliver personalized shopping experiences, and how consumers will find products that match their diverse needs and preferences.
  • Grocery Shopping Transparency Trends in an Omnichannel World

    Aug 03, 2020
    Transparency TrendsShoppers have higher expectations for transparency when shopping online compared to in-store, according to a new study from FMI and Label Insight. Transparency Trends: Omnichannel Grocery Shopping from the Consumer Perspective, a follow-up to a 2018 report from FMI and Label Insight, found that transparency is important to omnichannel shoppers when shopping online.
  • How Do Diets and Health Consciousness Impact Transparency?

    Mar 28, 2019
    How Do Diets and Health Consciousness Impact TransparencyThis webinar examines how diets and health consciousness impact the transparency imperative.
  • Harvest Results from Trust-Building Transparency

    Mar 07, 2019
    CFI webinar thumbnailThe joy of cultivation and nourishment is the opportunity for a fruitful harvest. During our final interactive online learning experience on transparency, we will assess what our harvest is shaping up to look like – are our organizations meeting your customers’ desire for greater trust-building transparency? Participants will be introduced to The Transparency Index – The Standard for Trust, to form an organizational plan that can increase their harvest. 
  • Nourish Trust-Building Transparency

    Feb 28, 2019
    2nd webinar thumbnailJust as farmers continually nourish the crops they cultivate, during this interactive online learning experience we will nourish our organizations’ ability to meet our customers’ and stakeholders’ desire for greater trust-building transparency about the foods they enjoy. Participants will operationalize the elements that define trust-building transparency – motivations, disclosure, stakeholder participation, relevance and more.
  • Cultivate Trust-Building Transparency

    Feb 21, 2019
    Building Culture of TransparencyCultivate your understanding and knowledge of what the research on trust-building transparency is telling us and how we can begin to apply key learnings within our organizations.
  • What is the Future of Transparency in an Omnichannel World?

    Feb 14, 2019
    Transparency webinarIn the second of three webinars on transparency, you will find steps need to further embrace transparency; relay information beyond just ingredients; understand the specific needs of key shopper groups; meet the increased expectations of online shoppers; and track changing consumer preferences as this trend progresses. 
  • How Does Transparency Differ Across Demographic/Generational Segments?

    Jan 17, 2019
     Transparency webinar 11719This webinar examines many aspects of transparency and provides guidance for industry next steps.
  • Unified Voice Protocol – Cage-Free Eggs and Slow-Growth Broilers Production Practices

    Mar 27, 2018
    Unified Voice WebinarThis member-only webinar describes the Unified Voice issues management approach; shares research findings; outlines the pilot project’s next steps; and seeks input on identifying emerging issues and potential Unified Voice topics of interest.