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2019 Speaker Presentations

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2019 E+SD Keynote Speakers 

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Michelle Poler

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela to a family of holocaust survivors, Michelle was accustomed to living with fear. But when she moved to New York to pursue a Masters in Branding at the School of Visual Arts, Michelle quickly realized that NYC was not for the fearful.

In efforts to re-write her definition of fear, Michelle set out to face 100 fears in 100 days. Half way into the journey, the project was discovered by the media, becoming an instant viral phenomenon. 

Michelle completed her 100th challenge on a TEDx’s stage. This helped her turn a personal project into a global movement, allowing her to quit her job as an Art Director in advertising to pursue her passion.

Michelle discovered that inspiring others to go after their fears was her new calling. She is now touring the world speaking at companies, schools and organizations teaching audiences how to step outside their comfort zones as a way to tap into their full potential.

Join Michelle Monday, September 9 at 8:15 a.m. for the opening Keynote "Fear Less, Do More"

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Paul Marks

Paul has been the owner of Briarcliff Hall, a private SAT tutoring service for students taking the college entrance exam, for the past 27 years. In addition, he studied improvisation at Second City and Improv Olympics (i/o) in Chicago. He also spent several years researching and studying corporate culture, team building, and presentation skills to see if there was a synergistic relationship between his improv philosophy and the business world.

Confident of the connection, in early 2012, he opened Over The Counter improv (now called Beta Test improv) to teach the benefits of improvisation and right-brain thinking to corporations. By 2018, Paul was giving more than 90 speeches across the country annually.

Paul's unique style of laughter, leadership, and right-brain thinking has led companies such as Daimler Trucks, Wells Fargo, Ingersoll Rand, Duke Energy, Bank of America, Red Ventures and many others to use his training workshops. 

Join Paul Tuesday, September 10 at 4:00 p.m. for the closing keynote "Whatever Happened to Recess?"