Store OpsView this session to explore how to implement two strategies to improve communication and enhance the engagement of your workforce by creating a people-first culture.

A T.E.A.M. Meeting (Thoughts Exchanged between Associates and Management) is a focus group session conducted with 7 – 15 associates monthly or quarterly. If recognition and communication are so critical in building a strong store culture, you must learn how to conduct this great employee “benefit.” This session includes 8 strategies to apply for meaningful team meetings.

A SUCCESS Plan is an extremely well developed, old-fashioned performance review. Nothing comes close to letting your associates know how much you care than to administer a Success Plan Program. Learn the critical nuances of conducting this strategic interview.

Store operations professionals should attend in order to:

  • Identify 11 key leadership criteria.
  • Determine strategies to improve as a leader.
  • Explore common traits of successful leaders.

  • Recording