Talking Private Brands Segment 5_hartmanFMI’s Talking Private Brands Series, designed for private brands professionals, brings to life insights with on-demand segments of industry thought leadership.

The role of brands in consumer food and beverages choices has shifted—and diminished in its traditional sense—along with evolving food culture over time. This presentation explores how consumers have adopted an attribute-focused strategy when making food/beverage choices across both name brands and private brands. You will learn that while the structure of the world of private brands has grown increasingly complex, this complexity is not top of mind for most consumers. We will also explore consumers expectations’ for private brands, and how they are winning vis a vis name brands. The presentation concludes with a discussion of implications and opportunities. 


  • Doug Baker, Vice President Industry Relations, FMI
  • Shelley Balanko, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Hartman Group


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