Omnichannel HW coverWhat is the role of the grocer regarding consumer health and well-being? Americans personalize their diets, whether related to general health, underlying conditions, allergen concerns, or the latest fads. Now more than ever, this is especially true for omnichannel shoppers based on findings from the Transparency Trends: Omnichannel Grocery Shopping from the Consumer Perspective, a new report from FMI and Label Insight. The report found that 64% of omnichannel shoppers — those who buy both online and in-store — are making grocery purchase decisions based on diet or health-related programs that they or someone in their household is following. Explore key learnings related to health and well-being from this new research and what the implications are for the food industry.


  • Steve Markenson, Director, Research, FMI
  • Krystal Register, Director, Health and Well-Being, FMI
  • Rick Stein, VP, Fresh, FMI
  • Thea Bourianne, Solutions Consultant and Registered Dietitian, Label Insight
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