Trends 2019 first webinarFor more than four decades, FMI has been tracking consumer’s grocery shopping trends. Join us as we share the highlights of findings from FMI’s 2019 U.S Grocery Shopper Trends study conducted by The Hartman Group. In addition to an overview of key grocery shopping trends, we will explore consumers’ perceptions of the current food retail environment.
Webinar Objectives: Participants should view this webinar in order to:
Learn the latest trends among U.S. grocery shoppers
Explore how shopping patterns are changing
Understand what shoppers want from their food shopping experience and what they want from their grocery store


  • Steve Markeson, Director, Research, Food Marketing Institute
  • David Emerson Feit, VP Strategic Insights, The Hartman Group
  • David Fikes, VP, Communications and Consumer/Community Affairs, Food Marketing Institute
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