UPDATE - As of June 30, 2021, this report is no longer regularly updated.

FMI State Affairs is pleased to provide this weekly report from Stateside Associates providing you with the stage of reopening in all 50 states. This "State by State Snapshot" includes:

  • Current Opening Stage
  • Social Distancing Guidelines and Gathering/ Meeting Restrictions
  • Face Mask Requirements
  • State Travel Restrictions
  • Restaurants at Least 50% Capacity
  • Bars Open
  • Gyms Open
  • Lifting of Prohibition on Non-essential Medical Procedures
  • Unemployment Insurance Extension
  • School Reopening Allowed
  • Require Paid Sick Leave for Positive COVID-19 Symptoms or Positive Test

This comprehensive report also reviews the status of liability protections, workers compensation changes, revenue shortfalls and current federal funding.

See this week's State by Snap Snapshot Report.