ReposiTrak is powered by Park City’s Group’s technology and provides food retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers with a robust, interoperable solution to help grow and protect their brands.  ReposiTrak provides several key solutions to issues faced by our industry.

MarketPlace –The World’s Largest Database of Compliance-Vetted Suppliers. Currently a FREE service! a search-to-shelf sourcing tool - Unlike other electronic supplier catalogs, the Marketplace solution is the first of its kind to automate and guide the sourcing process from end-to-end, and includes supplier qualification, order negotiation and on-boarding of a new supplier in just a fraction of the time. 

  • MarketPlace for Buyers- Retailers and wholesalers can search ReposiTrak’s community of suppliers committed to safety and transparency for new products, or simply to replace non-compliant suppliers.
  • MarketPlace for Sellers- As a supplier, ReposiTrak’s marketplace allows retailers and wholesalers to discover your products and recognize your commitment to safety and compliance. ReposiTrak retailers and wholesalers represent nearly 40% of the U.S. grocery market.

Out of Stock Management - Eliminating out-of-stocks is essential for the food retailers.  traditional food retailers risk mass shopper defection to other retailers if products are not on the store shelf for immediate sale.

  • Over 80% of DSD vendors using ReposiTrak’s Out-of-Stock Management Solution have reduced out of stocks by an average of 55%, growing year-over-year sales by 4% to 8% and generating sales increases ranging from 3% to 22%, including the period with COVID-19.
  • The OOS Management Solution gives suppliers information by store, route and SKU on what products need replenishment to keep store shelves well-stocked.
  • ReposiTrak’s proprietary algorithms analyze store data to produce actionable insights, ReposiTrak then provides consistent follow-up to keep suppliers focused on out-of-stocks.

Compliance Management – a one-stop solution for automating the management of and importantly, confirming compliance of required documents and regulatory records.  The solution receives, stores, and shares documentation; and generates dashboards and alerts for missing, expired, or inaccurate records.

  • ReposiTrak takes an active approach – a web-based solution with an in-house team to speed results and reduce risk.  Our team actively reaches out to suppliers to address non-compliance issues.
  • ReposiTrak confirms compliance – reads inside uploaded documents and compares contents to requirements to detect inaccuracies and/or misrepresentation.

Track & Trace – quickly identifies the supply chain path taken by a product in the event of a product recall. It can reduce the risk in the supply chain by identifying backward chaining sources and forward chaining recipients of any product or ingredient. No standard product identifiers needed - Leveraging Park City Group’s proven Scan-based Trading technology, we can track the movement of items through the supply chain regardless of the identifier (code or naming convention) each supply chain participant uses in tracking the same product.

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