By: Leslie Sarasin, President and CEO, FMI

Collaboration is key to a productive and smoothly functioning food industry. However, aligning diverse stakeholders across a lengthy supply chain is no easy task and requires the expertise of skillful industry relations practitioners to get the job done. One executive who has mastered this rigorous responsibility is the recipient of FMI’s 2022 William H. Albers Industry Relations Award, Steve Cahillane, chairman and CEO of Kellogg Company.

Steve said it best, noting in his award acceptance speech video, ”When you’re a part of the food industry, you’re a part of the fabric of millions of people’s lives.” Steve’s exuberance for the industry and his passion for delighting shoppers manifest themselves in his dedication to inspiring future leaders. His message reflects his own career track and how he continually fosters business relationships. 

With a decades-long career spanning sales, commercial strategy, global marketing, sponsorships, and research roles, Steve thoroughly understands the necessity of collaboration to achieve food industry success. Watch the video below to hear what he has to say about the large-scale impact of industry relations professionals and why you should get involved in this exciting facet of the food industry.