By: Cynthia Brazzel, Senior Director, Member Relations & Advocacy (Western Region), FMI, and Haley Pierce, Assistant, Business Development and Member Services, FMI

SMA without yearStore managers are key to food industry success, and they wear a lot of hats. In addition to ensuring grocery stores run smoothly, uplifting associates and working to keep shelves stocked, they also serve as information experts, team leads, innovation hubs and community rejuvenators. Shifting across so many responsibilities and duties, these individuals (or, rather, superstars) embody hard work and dedication every day. With your help in identifying and nominating these outstanding individuals, FMI is privileged to celebrate with you in 2023’s Store Manager Awards

The FMI Store Manager Awards nomination platform is now open, and we encourage your organization’s human resources team to nominate your grocery store heroes. These awards recognize and celebrate store managers’ remarkable achievements. No matter whether you are an independent operator, a regional chain, a national grocer or one of our global retailers or wholesalers, this is an opportunity to recognize the wide array of shining stars that make up the grocery universe.

2022’s Store Manager Awards brought in 138 nominees across 30 organizations. Five phenomenal store managers were chosen as winners. These industrious leaders optimized customer service, bolstered sales performance, empowered their colleagues to perform at their best and leveraged store resources to address community challenges.

The food industry is replete with these kinds of dedicated food retail practitioners, and they deserve to be celebrated. Take a moment to consider who in your organization takes their stores to the next level -- the person who generates sales growth, encourages a positive work culture, demonstrates team leadership and delivers exceptional customer service. Don’t delay: 2023’s nominations are open until Monday, January 30 at 11:59 p.m.

The nomination form can be accessed at the button below. For any questions about 2023’s Store Manager Awards, please contact  

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