By: Daniel Ratner, Senior Director, Member Services

HappyContrary to the Rolling Stones hit song released in 1965 [I Can’t Get No] Satisfaction, it seems FMI membership is a hit with members according to the 2022 FMI Member Satisfaction Survey.

In early January of this year, FMI surveyed active members in a follow up to the 2021 member satisfaction survey to gain perspective on how members perceive FMI through another extraordinary year in the food industry.

523 individuals representing 250 member companies across the food industry responded to this year’s satisfaction survey. Of the respondents, 95% of FMI members are satisfied with their membership experience.

A highlight from the 2022 survey results shows a 5 percentage point improvement in the “Very Satisfied” rating of membership over the 2021 survey results.

Even more noteworthy is the 10 percentage point increase in responses from the 2021 survey (25%) to the 2022 survey (35%) that stated FMI exceeded their expectations. With an overall 95% saying that FMI met their expectations and 96% stating they would recommend membership in FMI.

As evident by FMI ongoing strong annual member retention rate, 91% of the respondents to the survey said they are likely to renew their membership with 73% saying they are very likely to renew.

The top 3 reasons for FMI membership include industry collaboration (95%), industry research and insights (96%), and having FMI be the voice of the food industry (94%).

97% of members believe FMI

  • effectively kept members alerted and informed of important issues affecting the food industry,
  • focuses on the key issues in legislation and regulation affecting the industry, and
  • staff is responsive to member needs.

As FMI celebrates its 45th anniversary, it’s important to keep the hits coming to ensure members are satisfied and keep tuning into “WFMI” each and every day to meet their needs in an ever-changing food industry.