By: Leslie Sarasin, President and CEO, FMI
Boardroom Journal

FMI and Oliver Wyman created Boardroom in 2013, a journal specifically designed for senior executives responsible for guiding their companies through what has become the most challenging, dynamic, and rewarding period in our industry’s history. The pandemic has reminded us more than ever that food retailer and supplier collaboration is a vital strand in the social fabric that holds us together in unsettling times.

We’re pleased to present the seventh edition of Boardroom. The articles in this year’s volume are focused on the FMI Imperative Issues Framework, contextualizing immediate needs such as supply chain disruption and workforce challenges; and imperative issues such as changing marketplace and societal dynamics, evolving consumer behaviors, rising environmental, social, and governance (ESG) expectations; and foundational issues around the accelerating transformation of technology.

We hope you find the journal articles written both by the Oliver Wyman and FMI teams to be an insightful resource as you focus on leading your organizations beyond this pandemic chapter. We aim to serve as trusted thought leaders on many mission-critical areas for the industry.

By leveraging this body of work and putting its pages into practice, we will continue to raise awareness, problem-solve, and provide expertise to move the industry forward. Together, a stronger industry feeds the future. FMI and Oliver Wyman will continue to share additional expertise on these issues to inspire thoughtful collaboration.

Boardroom Volume 7

If you would like to request up to five printed copies of this issue, we will be pleased to send them along to you.