By: Doug Baker, Vice President, Industry Relations, FMI
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A year ago, I’d never experienced “Zoom fatigue.” These days I can attest to the feeling and know I’m not alone in the woes of video interfacing and remote learning. We know your inboxes are full, your time is precious and your to-do list is long. At the same time, we know that things are rapidly changing in the private brands arena and it’s an important time to stay in-the-know. So, we’re trying a new way to offer you insights into private brand trends and strategies.

The new FMI Talking Private Brands Series, designed for private brands professionals, brings to life Power of Private Brands insights, emerging issues and opportunities. By subscribing to the series, you’ll get an email once a month to a free, 10 to 15 minute on-demand video segment featuring industry thought leadership,  strategies and business opportunities to help you navigate consumer trends and shopper insights.

 Talking Private Brands Series topics include:
  • By the numbers: sales, trends and outlook of private brands.
  • Consumer private brands trends.
  • 10 pandemic takeaways for senior leaders.
  • How the C-suite prioritizes private brands.
  • Turning store associates into private brand ambassadors.

I’ll be interviewing members of FMI’s Private Brands Leadership Council and other industry experts for each of the segments. Subscribers can watch the segments in their own time and will continue to gain insights as the series unfolds. We hope you’ll see this series as a win-win and that it helps inform your private brands strategies.

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