By: Angelyn Pinter, Senior Manager, Education, FMI  

Future Leaders 2017- 14

The Future Leaders eXperience addresses one of the food industry's most challenging emerging issues—the workforce. Organizations across the entire food retail value chain need emerging leaders to bring new strategies to life.  
This year's event offers rising stars a street-smart approach to leadership that will change the way they see themselves, lead their teams, and impact business results without even leaving their homes. The program features four full group sessions scheduled for: September 17, October 8, October 29 and November 12.   

The September 17 leadership development session’s focus was on managing teams and making people an organizational priority. 

Here are some fast facts that offer a sneak peek into who’s attending and what the program entails:  

260 total participants. 

16 retailer and wholesaler organizations. 

4 product supplier companies.  

2 co-chairs from The Coca-Cola Company, Chief Retail Sales and Bottler Operations Officer at The Coca-Cola Company, Dagmar Boggs, and Festival Foods, CEO, Mark Skogen. 

7 countries represented. 

35 states represented. 

8 two-hour interactive sessions with 6-7 breakout groups for a deepened learning experience.  

30 skilled program facilitators.   

4 career skill challenges. 

4 key components of the Root Compass program. 

9 leadership development modules. 

7 videos inspired by The Office. 

465 discussion posts  . . .and counting. 

150 selfies! 

260 leaders on the path to earning the Food Retail Leader Certificate. 

Unlimited powerful insights:  

  • “I got to hear that others are mostly encountering the same daily challenges as me.” 

  • “Great leaders make their people number one, create loyalty, motivate teams, improve execution, trust and [yield] better results.” 

  • “This session feels as though it is the start of a journey to step back and see the big picture to potentially have a bigger impact on my team.” 

Participants will complete a skills challenge at their own organization and learn about emerging trends in the food industry to prepare for the next session on October 8. 

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