By: Krystal Register, Director, Health and Well-being, FMIHealth Well-being

As you may well know, the FMI logo has three overlapping arches which represent our efforts to (1) advocate, (2) collaborate and (3) educate as we support food industry efforts to advance a safer, healthier and more efficient consumer food supply. From food safety to private brand, government affairs to nutrition policy, fresh foods to sustainability, if your interests lie in the realm of health and well-being, FMI is here to help, no doubt!

Let’s take a closer look at how FMI supports member companies (retailers, wholesalers, suppliers) with health and well-being strategies and programs:


We advocate for your interests and provide thoughtful insight and swift response on issues that matter. We reply to member inquiries to meet your needs and support your work as key partners for health and well-being in the communities you serve. This steering mission seems more important now than ever to ensure success and progress, ultimately helping to keep employees and customers safe and healthy across the food industry.


We network and connect on relevant topics, current trends, and priority issues by providing a collaborative platform for listening, sharing, learning and networking. Our goal is to bring many voices together from across the food industry for broad conversation and thought-provoking engagement. There is great opportunity to amplify the collective work of the industry focused on improving the health and well-being of our country with the best resources available. In time of crisis, we offer access to science-based guidelines and timely solutions, quite often directly related to keeping people healthy and safe.


We learn from research, studies, and surveys; and we share to educate with reports, webinars, and meetings. We strive to raise awareness on emerging topics and turn the unique insight we gather on consumer trends and industry practices into aggregate information that is easy to share. We serve as a source of expert information available to help identify opportunities to enhance health and well-being strategies and innovations.

Many of our resources are also available to member companies that might not have a dedicated health and well-being program. Our hope is that you and your company take full advantage of everything we have to offer, especially as it relates to improving health and overall well-being: