By: Hilary Thesmar, PhD, RD, CFS, Chief Food and Product Safety Officer, Senior Vice President, Food Safety, FMI

Food and consumer products production facilities, distributors and wholesalers are part of our nation’s “critical infrastructure,” and will remain open during this national emergency.

Therefore, the food industry is doing everything possible to keep employees safe and maintain public health and confidence during this pandemic. It is critical that we follow and maintain CDC guidelines; namely practicing handwashing, honoring social distancing and upholding cleaning and sanitizing protocols, which are all recommended ways to mitigate the risk of transmitting this virus.

FMI has developed a new resource that could help with your internal and external communications efforts regarding worker and customer safety called Worker and Customer Safety Resources Toolkit.

This new toolkit substantiates safety and sanitation practices in grocery stores to fight misinformation and misperceptions regarding COVID-19. This dynamic toolkit is geared for FMI members to leverage with their various stakeholders, customers and media audiences. This toolkit features:

  • Video clips that feature key message points from experts.
  • Two new infographics that communicate worker safety and ways food retailers are keeping their customers safe.
  • Information from the Partnership for Food Safety Education.
  • Link to a thorough FAQ.
  • A script to customize for your closed-circuit TV programs so that you can recreate your own video.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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