By: Melaina Lewis, Manager, Communications, Food Marketing Institute

Community Outreach Awards 2018The Community Outreach Awards have become one of the most anticipated and fun annual recognitions at FMI. Each year, I find my colleagues and I are inspired by food retailers’ innovative acts of kindness, so much so, that we find ourselves sharing these stories among our friends and families. Here are a few reasons why FMI staff appreciate the Community Outreach Awards. 

“Grocery stores don’t toot their own horn enough. If I didn’t work at FMI, I wouldn’t know the good grocers do.”– Sue Wilkinson, senior director, research and information service

“Our members are pillars of the community and it really shines when a crisis happens. I love knowing that our members are there in times of need when disaster strikes.”– Bianca Ruffin, senior manager, marketing

“It’s inspiring to see the good our grocers are doing.”– Sarah Malenich, director, marketing & sales, Safe Quality Food Institute

“Every morning on my drive to work I hear a radio segment called “Tell Me Something Good.” FMI’s Community Outreach Awards are just like this segment—it’s a chance to hear about the good things going on in our industry. Yes, our industry is changing, but it’s rewarding to know that at its heart, food retailers are about people helping people.”– Kelli Windsor, director, digital communications 

The FMI Community Outreach Awards showcases the stories we don’t hear often enough—the ones that focus on how grocers give back to their communities and are maintaining the food retail tradition of serving their neighbors. We’ve extended the deadline to submit a Grocers Doing Good story to Thursday, June 27 at 5 p.m. EST. 

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