By Sue Borra, RD, Executive Director, FMI Foundation, Chief Health and Wellness Officer and Doug Baker, Vice President, Industry Relations - Private Brands, Technology for Food Marketing Institute
Sue Borra and Doug Baker He said She Said

We both love the early 1990s romantic comedy He Said, She Said for its witty depiction of people’s different points-of-views. As a registered dietitian with many years in the health and wellness arena and a seasoned private brand professional, we each have two very different points-of-view on trends facing the food retail industry. So, here are two trends and our take on them.

Trend #1: Nielsen estimated private brand dollar share at 18 percent in 2017 and a recent report by Cadent Consulting suggests that this could reach 25.7 percent by 2027.

Trend #2: According to the 2018 U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends report, 65 percent of shoppers say they need to improve their overall diet, while at the same time 55 percent of shoppers see their primary store as being on their side when it comes to helping them stay healthy.

He (Doug Baker) Said: “Collaboration is at the heart of every private brands program, especially as companies embrace today’s health-conscious shoppers. Recognizing the consumer health and wellness proposition is having an incredibly positive impact on our industry.”

She (Sue Borra) Said: “Today’s consumers are seeking out products that deliver key health and wellness attributes and private brands are poised to deliver on consumers’ personal quests for well-being. All the trends point to the fact that companies that embrace health and wellness as a core competency within their own brands will be successful in the future.”

There you have it—we agree on the power of private brands and health and wellness! We recently combined forces and developed Delivering Health and Wellness with Private Brands, a report that includes current best practices and future opportunities for incorporating positive, nutritional attributes and wellness messaging into private brand programs. With resources, strategies and regulatory guidance, this report can help any retail private brands program capitalize on the health and wellness trend. Vice versa, retail health and wellness programs can utilize this report to better incorporate private brands into their consumer education.

And that’s the way WE see it!

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