By: Doug Baker, Vice President Industry Relations – Private Brands, Technology, Loss Prevention, Food Marketing Institute

Superheroes In times of crisis, it’s food defenders to the rescue!  Arguably, there’s no greater hero to a company in the midst of a disaster or terrorist threat than those who are prepared to handle an emergency and shield your company’s assets from danger.  

More than ever, immediate threats are unknown in today’s current political and economic environment. Earlier this year, we discussed the importance of securing your supply chain to meet the demands of consumers who are increasingly scrutinizing retailers and their products. That’s why food processors and suppliers must remain vigilant in order to protect their people, food, and brands.

The Food Marketing Institute will host the 2017 Food Defense/Crisis Management/Emergency Preparedness Management Certificate course for food processors and suppliers on Tuesday, June 20 – Wednesday, June 21, 2017. The course will include:

  • Food Defense Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow! What Would You Do?
  • Understanding the New Face of Crime and Terrorism
  • FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)
  • Employee Tampering/Sabotage of Products
  • The Age of Social Media: Brand Protection
  • Understanding the Legal Pitfalls of Negligent Security
  • Developing Your Facility’s General Security Plans and Mitigation Strategies
  • Security Vulnerability/Risk Assessments for Retail Establishments
  • Emergency Evacuations & Preparedness
  • Supply Chain, Cargo & Transportation Security
  • Crisis Management
  • Workplace Violence
  • Active Shooter Preparedness

This two-day certificate course will help you protect your company’s assets, products, and employees, as well as, help prevent, mitigate and respond to a disaster, emergency or terrorist threats. Participants will receive a certificate of completion in Food Defense-Emergency Preparedness. Register here.

Don’t despair, food retailers! We’re hosting a course for food retailers on August 22 – August 23, 2017. Learn more at www.

Photo Credit: BogoGames, Flickr, 2014
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