By: Elissa McLerran, Manager, Public Policy Communications, Food Marketing Institute

Storytelling in GovernmentIn any organization, the power of storytelling transcends not only audiences but departments. It’s an effective communication tool that connects individuals to one another through the opportunity to frame relatable experiences.  

The FMI Government Relations team uses storytelling to effectively communicate to legislators and regulators the legislative and regulatory implications rules have on our industry and the communities they serve.  Compelling stories connect individuals on a personal level and can achieve tremendous results.

In the food retail industry, a timely, critical issue is correctly implementing U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) menu labeling rule. The relationships FMI issue experts have built and the ongoing personal communication, including taking regulators and legislators on store tours to show them actual examples, has led to a clear regulatory victory with reopening the comment period on the rule so more stories and examples can be collected. FDA is also allowing more time for grocers to become compliant with the rule once it is revised. 

Watch FMI’s Chief Public Policy Officer, SVP, Jennifer Hatcher, describe how the power of storytelling makes a difference in Government Affairs. Watch here

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