For more than 12 years, Corcentric has been a valuable FMI partner helping membersCorcentric Logo source virtually anything they need to keep their business running.

During this COVID -19 crisis they have identified key purchasing categories and given direct contacts for each to get members signed up and submitting orders today.

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Saving you money on products you already purchase.

In conjunction with Corcentric, we offer pre-negotiated procurement programs that enable businesses in any industry to buy the indirect goods and services necessary to perform day-to-day operations with the purchasing power of a Fortune 500 company. 

We’ve removed the obstacles to secure higher levels of savings by aggregating your buying volume with other businesses like yours. Our indirect procurement programs bring you:

  • Significant positive impact by lowering your purchasing costs
  • Control of your suppliers without the burden of contract administration
  • Better insight and visibility of your company’s spend habits
  • Less off-contract purchases
  • Time savings for invoice processing

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Bridget at CorcentricSourcing Safety Supplies, Janitorial, Materials Handling, MRO, and other Indirect spend items.

Contact Bridget Bullion at or (954)-905-2511

John at CorcentricLooking for other Not-for resale bulk sourcing, Group Purchasing, and many other Indirect Spend Categories

Contact John Latham at or (410)-404-8907

Assistance with accounting Services Full AP, AR, Payments and Procurement Automation.

Contact Dan Andrew at or (216)-525-0237


Reap the rewards of huge savings for your fleet Corcentric FleetXchange program leverages its 800,000-unit fleet to give every customer the buying power usually reserved for the largest organizations.  Realize true savings on fleet equipment, tires, parts, and supplies from more than 160 of the industry’s leading suppliers…through Corcentric.

Experience lower costs with fewer headaches…up to 20% savings annually!

You should be focusing on your fleet for greater revenue growth rather than solving labor-intensive purchasing problems. Our procurement experts, with decades of experience in trucking and transportation procurement, understand the complexities that fleet managers face.

New Equipment with financing

Contact Mike Hamilton at  or (954)-509-7122

Used Equipment with short-term lease

Contact Brett Petersen at or (954)-509-7134

Used Equipment– Buying / Selling

Contact Dale Tower at or (954)-509-7115

Local Truck Rental

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Nationwide Truck Rentals
Email or call (630)-925-7687