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Our Voice of The Food Industry blog offers commentary from FMI subject matter experts on timely and important topics to the food industry.

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  • Pharmacy DIR Fee Relief at Last? What Retailers Should Know

    Apr 2, 2019
    The plan advocates for increased transparency throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain, including reforms that would upend the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) business model, making it harder for PBMs to siphon money away from pharmacies via DIR ...
  • The SCOTUS Case that will Reexamine What “Confidential” Means to You

    Mar 19, 2019
    A legal case heading to oral argument before the U.S. Supreme Court this spring has far-reaching implications when it comes to something you hold near and dear -- your confidential commercial information. FMI is a named party in the case because we ...
  • Talking to Customers About Bioengineering

    Mar 8, 2019
    Recently, the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard(BE Rule) established a new standard for disclosure of information to consumers about the BE status of foods. FMI is pleased that this new standard allows information to be shared with ...
  • FMI Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Conference: Redesigned to Fit Your Needs

    Mar 4, 2019
    More and more, companies are using employees from regulatory, legal, and compliance departments to address the knowns and unknowns of today’s food retail marketplace....
  • Governors’ Plans Outline “Big Four” Topics in 2019

    Feb 27, 2019
    With the exception of a handful of states, the governors have laid out their 2019 agendas at the feet of the people and into the hands of their legislature. And almost every governor hit on what I call the “big four” - education, healthcare, ...
  • Engage With Your Government, Pledge to Be A Grocery Advocate!

    Feb 26, 2019
    Contacting your elected officials, telling your story and staying engaged really can make a difference. A whopping 92 percent of Congressional staff have said that "individualized email messages" from constituents would have at least some influence ...
  • Stories of Leadership in Food Retail

    Feb 13, 2019
    The food retail industry is fortunate to have a number of formidable leaders, and during times of uncertainty and transition, there’s nothing more comforting than to have courageous and nurturing leaders at the helm....
  • 2019 State Legislative Outlook Ready for Dog-Earing

    Jan 25, 2019
    The 50 State Legislative Outlook report contains a snapshot of budget fitness and anticipated legislative and regulatory actions for each state, and where available, local information is also ...
  • The National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard – Top Takeaways for Food Retailers

    Jan 24, 2019
    FMI has worked alongside our member companies and our coalition partners throughout the legislative and regulatory process to help establish a national standard for bioengineered (BE) food. On Friday, December 21, 2018, the U.S. Department of ...
  • FMI Year in Review from Washington: 2018 Accomplishments and Next Steps

    Jan 23, 2019
    While we help our members navigate through the effects of the government shutdown and meet with the newly elected members of Congress, we also wanted to look back and highlight the industry’s achievements from 2018 in our recently released 2018 FMI ...
  • 2019 Midwinter Executive Conference by the Numbers

    Jan 22, 2019
    The countdown to the 2019 Midwinter Executive Conference has reached single digits. Soon, the food retail industry will gather together to delve deep into proven and emerging trends, and the impacts they will have on their business ...
  • A Label for Every Product: Navigating The Many Labels of Food Retail

    Jan 17, 2019
    To help food retailers keep up with the many food labeling regulations on the books, FMI recently updated its Practical Food Labeling Law for Retailers guide, available via FMI’s Store. Our guide was updated to include new labeling regulations, such ...
  • The Boardroom’s Perspective of The Future of Retail

    Jan 15, 2019
    For the fourth year, FMI and Oliver Wyman have teamed up to provide thought leadership on the most pressing issues facing the food retail industry. The annual edition of Boardroom takes readers directly into the C-Suite of food retail companies and ...
  • FMI’s 2018 Financial Diversity

    Dec 31, 2018
    Providing the retail food industry with the myriad products and services that FMI offers requires resources—both human and financial capital. To avoid being a one-pronged fork, any well-run business endeavors to diversify its revenue sources and FMI ...
  • Achieving Advocacy Success Amid Election Year Politics

    Dec 17, 2018
    Election years are typically synonymous with gridlock and inefficiency in Washington, but FMI’s government relations team was successful on several policy fronts this year. On a macro level, three areas made the greatest impact on boosting your ...