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  • Photo Friday: Oregon Dairy

    Aug 25, 2017
    Oregon DairyLucas Darnell, director of member relations and advocacy for the eastern region of FMI, visited with Jon Hurst, kitchen manager, and Curvin Hurst, owner, of Oregon Dairy in Lititz, Pennsylvania. 
  • Supermarkets Can Offer Health in Every Aisle

    Aug 24, 2017
    20161208-FMI-0626_ed-WEBToday many food retailers see their mission to be a key partner in health and wellness in the communities they serve.  This vison is backed by FMI’s U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends 2017 research that 45 percent of consumers perceive their primary food store as being an ally to help them achieve their wellness needs. 
  • Telling the Story of Sustainability in Food Retail

    Aug 23, 2017
    In Store RecyclingConsumers want to feel like the store where they shop and where they get their favorite things shares their broader values. But they also want to see behind the numbers to what these efforts really mean. Data is always impressive, but how food retailers tell the story of sustainability to consumers matters more than ever.
  • Submit your Nomination Today for the FMI Food Safety Innovation Award

    Aug 22, 2017
    FMI Innovation AwardThe FMI Food Safety Innovation Award is presented annually in conjunction with the International Food Protection Training Institute (IFPTI) to a company or organization for demonstrating a commitment to the advancement of food protection through performance, practice, creation, sustainment, or leadership.
  • When It Comes to Produce, The Eyes Decide

    Aug 21, 2017
    20161208-FMI-0654_ed-WEBPower of Produce 2017 finds three-quarter of shoppers plan their produce purchases pre-trip, and an even greater 86 percent of shoppers readily admit unplanned fruits and vegetables purchases frequently end up in their cart. That’s what makes produce a unique store item; it falls into both a planned and an impulse buy category. 
  • Navigating the Curiosity to Comfort Crux

    Aug 18, 2017
    Rock Climbing - BaumThis metamorphosis of the food retail landscape is most evident with regard to the further decline of traditional supermarkets as a primary store.
  • Start Your National Family Meals Month™ Campaign With In-Store Excellence

    Aug 17, 2017
    In Store National Family Meals MonthResearch tells us that nearly nine out of 10 food retailers already routinely take advantage of in-store marketing initiatives like product sampling (86 percent) or healthy recipes (86 percent) and good-for-you product displays (86 percent) (2017 Retailer Contributions to Health and Wellness). So why not take advantage of those same initiatives to encourage shoppers to participate in National Family Meals Month™ and share one more meal each week with their families?
  • Creating a Food Theater in Your Store

    Aug 16, 2017
    Food Theater and Store DesignA colleague of mine recently celebrated her birthday in a rather unusual manner. Instead of going to an upscale restaurant or taking in a performance, she had her birthday celebration at a grocery store. You see, this millennial colleague loves the new restaurant in her local grocery store and insisted on celebrating there with friends and family.
  • Personalized Health and Nutrition: A Significant Growth Opportunity in Retail

    Aug 15, 2017
    Retail Contribution to Health and Wellness ImageIf I look back to just three years ago in our industry, two primary leadership teams held responsibility for operationalized health and wellness initiatives in food retail – pharmacy (59 percent) and nutrition (50 percent) leadership teams. Now we’re witnessing an entire category of managers for health and wellness leadership: 71 percent of these professionals are focused experts leading the decision-making process on how programs are established and operationalized.
  • Local Continues to Drive Growth for Produce

    Aug 14, 2017
    Local Farmers' MarketAccording to the Power of Produce 201754 percent of shoppers would like their produce department to offer an expanded assortment of locally-grown produce. Shoppers’ are zeroing-in on a mile radius from where they shop and use state lines to define what they constitute as local produce. 
  • What Does a Winning National Family Meals Month Media Campaign Look Like?

    Aug 10, 2017
    Food Lion National Family Meals Month Social Media Promotionstudy conducted for FMI by Nielsen found that 95 percent of those who learned of the National Family Meals Month™ campaign on social media or by e-mail changed their shopping and consumption habits because of it. 
  • Here’s How to Exceed Shopper Expectations

    Aug 09, 2017
    20161208-FMI-0576_ed WEBShopper-centric retailing requires a transformation in our legacy business processes. In a time when the grocery industry is experiencing the most dynamic change in decades with changing food lifestyles, and digital connectedness, shopper-centric retailing is one way to put the customer front and center.
  • Taking It Personally

    Aug 08, 2017
    TransparencyToday’s shoppers feel entitled to information access about the product they are considering and they assume their unique needs should be listened to and addressed. 
  • Seeking Input: FMI News App

    Aug 07, 2017
    20151208-FMI-480-WEBHave you downloaded the FMI News App? Whether you have used the app once or use it all the time, we’re looking for users to share their experience with us. This is your opportunity to inform our strategy.
  • Retailers Discuss the Promise and Pitfalls of Local Preemption at the FMI State Issues Retreat

    Aug 07, 2017
    GavelFrom plastic bag bans to beverage taxes, minimum wage increases to mandatory scheduling requirements, issues that impact retailers are increasingly emanating not just from Washington, D.C. and state capitols, but from city councils and mayors’ offices around the country as well.  
  • A Challenge the Entire Food Industry is Committed to Overcoming

    Aug 04, 2017
    Floor drain cleaningFMI’s Chief Food and Product Safety Officer and Senior Vice President of Food Safety Programs, Hilary Thesmar, participated in several symposiums where she shared the retail food industry’s recent food safety efforts.
  • Exchanging Fans for Friends in Food Retail

    Aug 03, 2017
    Befriend Your CoworkersToday, building real relationships is critical to business, especially in food retail. This relates not only to the relationships we form with our customers, but also the relationships we form internally. 
  • Produce… the Crown Jewel of the Supermarket Perimeter

    Aug 02, 2017
    Crown JewelPower of Produce 2017 shows a supermarket’s strength lies both in very high shopper conversion among their primary customers and being a store destination among switchers. From Power of Produce 2017, 39 percent of switchers end up visiting a supermarket as their produce store of choice. 
  • Use Every Channel You Have to Spread the National Family Meals Month Message

    Jul 31, 2017
    Onmichannel - NFMMThe entire food retail industry today is striving to offer consumers a seamless shopping experience. Almost every company now has an omnichannel strategy that will give consumers every possible opportunity to access its products, services and information.
  • How Do You Get 300,000 Families to Send You Photos of Them Sharing a Meal Together?

    Jul 25, 2017
    Hy-Vee InnovationHy-Vee had a simple goal that it shared with food retailers and wholesalers across the country last year and will again this September as the industry celebrates National Family Meals Month™.