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  • Private Brands Drive Engagement Across Generations

    Jul 13, 2018
    20171205-FMI-Store Shoot-0103_edThere are few things in life that span different generations. My kids have never heard of an 8-track tape and my grandkids someday won’t know what a VCR is. That’s the world we live in these days, but it turns out private brands are an exception and have become quite public by raising their profiles with consumers across age segments. More than a third of consumers surveyed in a new report say they have noticed a growing variety of private brand products. These brands influence some 46 percent of consumers in their choice of where they shop.
  • Working Toward a Consistent Way of Sharing Information About Foods Produced with Bioengineering

    Jul 12, 2018
    20161208-FMI-0576_ed WEBWith the support of FMI and many of our members, Congress passed Public Law 114-216 on July 29, 2016, which establishes a national standard that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) can use to put in place a bioengineering (BE) disclosure standard, rather than a confusing and expensive state-by-state approach
  • Driving Home The Benefits of Family Meals

    Jul 11, 2018
    Join The Family Meals MovementAn enormous National Family Meals Month™ movement has grown with an expansive suite of turnkey materials, broad industry awareness, a blossoming list of committed partners, mounting consumer engagement, and most importantly, demonstrated behavior change. See how you can add to the momentum. 
  • Do You Eat Well?

    Jul 10, 2018
    eating wellDid you eat well on July 4th? I am guessing food was a key part of your holiday activities, most likely a traditional barbeque. If I ask - did you “eat well?” How would you answer? Did you have tasty burgers and hot dogs? Did you have a fresh, nutritious salad? I am guessing the answer for many of you is yes to each of these questions. But what were you really thinking about when I asked did you “eat well?” 
  • Five Questions Shoppers Ask About The Food They Buy

    Jul 09, 2018
    20171205-FMI-Store Shoot-0743_edTechnology and digital services can offer a viable solution to the information-hungry customer by providing access to the targeted information they want in the way they prefer to consume it. It’s also a way for grocers to provide transparent information that can be configured according to shoppers’ questions in a convenient, quick, easy and satisfying way.
  • Photo Friday: A Visit To H-E-B

    Jun 29, 2018
    HEB Store TourFood Marketing Institute's President and CEO, Leslie G. Sarasin, and Chief Food and Product Safety Officer, Senior Vice President of Food Safety Programs, Hilary Thesmar, visited Craig Boyan, president of H-E-B, last week.

  • How to Make Retail Foodservice Top of Mind for Meal Solutions

    Jun 28, 2018
    Driving Kids HomeIt’s 5 p.m. on a Wednesday and you’re driving your two kids back from soccer and ballet practice when your wife calls and asks what you want for dinner. What do you think of first? Pizza? Chinese? Leftovers? Questions of health and nutrition start to swirl through your head as you hear your stomach growl.
  • The Inspiration To Keep Everyone Coming To The Table

    Jun 27, 2018
    Family Meals Best PracticesWe all have them, those lists of things we know we SHOULD do, but for some reason we just don’t, or at least not as often as we should. We’ve likely long been convinced these actions are good for us, but if they require extra effort they slip into the “ought, but didn’t” pile when the motivation, inspiration or discipline is lacking.

  • The Food Retail Industry And Community Organizations Want More of What?

    Jun 26, 2018
    Community CollaboratorsEveryone may not agree on what to have for dinner, but we can all agree on one thing: family meals are important. 
  • New Technologies Drive Next-Generation Loyalty

    Jun 25, 2018
    Graeme McVie

    This is not loyalty 1.0 – or even 2.0. Retailer loyalty programs are getting major upgrades in the wake of extreme retail competition and more demanding, tech-savvy consumers.

  • Photo Friday: Prisco's Fine Foods in Aurora, IL

    Jun 22, 2018
    PriscosRecently, Lucas Darnell, FMI's Director of Member Relations and Advocacy (Eastern U.S.) visited with Andy Guzauskas, President and Partner of Prisco's Fine Foods in Aurora, IL.  Prisco's has been a member of FMI since 2000 and has been engaged in FMI through FMI's Share Group program. Prisco's has been serving the Aurora, IL, area since 1926.
  • Solving Consumer Needs Requires Innovation and Relevancy

    Jun 21, 2018
    Chad Petersen Lowes FoodsToday, the industry’s compass needs to be pointed directly on how to solve consumer needs. To do that, the future of grocery will employ technology as a tool to help shopper buy more items.
  • Reversing the Spotlight

    Jun 20, 2018
    Dagmar Farr, FRACDagmar Farr, senior vice president, membership and education, was recently honored at a board meeting of the Food Research & Action Center (FRAC) for her many, many years of committed and extraordinary service to the organization as a member of its board of directors.
  • FMI Summer Blockbuster Preview, the Sequels and the Trilogy

    Jun 20, 2018
    PopcornMaybe I am a little “old-school,” but when I go to the movies I still try to get to my seat (with my popcorn) in plenty of time to see the previews of upcoming movies. And, I always look forward to seeing what is coming to a theater near me during the summer, because that’s when Hollywood brings out their best (at least they try to). This is your chance to learn what exciting adventures FMI studios has in store for you this summer.
  • Virtual Reality: The Unsung Hero of Brand Packaging

    Jun 19, 2018
    Virtual Reality Product Placement TestingIf there’s one constant in the CPG industry, it’s that brands are always searching for the best ways to get their products noticed on the store shelf. It’s more important than ever to create packaging that can stand out in a (very congested) crowd. Think about it: there’s a lengthy, detailed process involved with taking a new product packaging concept to market—but there are many areas where emerging technologies, like virtual reality (VR), are starting to give brands a leg up from the competition.
  • Fundamentals Programs for Food Manufacturing and Primary Producers

    Jun 18, 2018
    Introducing FundamentalsSQFI released their Fundamentals Program for Food Manufacturing and the Fundamentals Program for Primary Producers. Each program has both basic and intermediate levels, and provides a step-by-step approach to improve food safety management. 
  • Photo Friday: FMI at NRF Protect 2018

    Jun 15, 2018
    NRF Protect Opening Session
    FMI was pleased to partner with the National Retail Federation to bring food retailers to NRF PROTECT 2018 this week. Here’s a collection of photos from the event.
  • Transparency and Social Alignment: Two Top Trends in Fresh That Are Paying Off

    Jun 14, 2018
    20161208-FMI-1172_ed-WEBAs I walk around the perimeter of the grocery store today, two big trends are paying off. One is transparency—the shopper’s desire to know more about where their food comes from and how it was made. The second is social and cultural alignment, or a company’s ability to grow sales by integrating consumer motivations and values that impact sales. These are two of the Top Trends in Fresh identified in our research conducted with IRI that are reshaping the shopper’s fresh food experience.
  • Leadership Disruption: Discussions With CEO Update

    Jun 13, 2018
    CEO UpdateCEO Update Live recently hosted a panel of association CEOs addressing the topic of leadership disruption, with FMI President and CEO Leslie Sarasin among the contributing panelists. The following is an excerpt of the questions posed by moderator Mark Graham, Managing Director of CEO Update,along with Leslie Sarasin’s responses. 
  • Serving Up Health and Wellness in the Fresh Department

    Jun 12, 2018
    Health and Wellness and FreshLike cheese and wine, peanut butter and jelly, and fish and chips, consumers pair health and wellness with fresh foods.