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  • Photo Friday: National Family Meals Month™ Visits FMI's State Issues Retreat

    Aug 24, 2018
    StateIssuesNFMMThis year at FMI’s State Issues Retreat, participants celebrated National Family Meals Month™ by enjoying dinner together as a family! Mitty, the National Family Meals Month spokesmitt, made an appearance and celebrated with the group that included state associations, members and elected officials who support the grocery industry everyday. 
  • Eating Healthy: The Intersection of Consumer and Regulatory Trends

    Aug 23, 2018
    Eating Well and Regulatory Trends While many eaters have contrasting views on what exactly they mean when they “eat well,” food retailers across the country continue to implement new programs and abide by new standards that help the industry’s and consumers’ goals of promoting healthy eating. 
  • Eating Well Today: What It Means To Consumers

    Aug 22, 2018
    Trends Eating Well Word CloudIn the not-so-distant past, eating well entailed consuming enough sustenance to survive. More recently, it has meant fulfilling personal health and nutrition needs. 
  • Ready for Some Good News?

    Aug 20, 2018
    20161208-FMI-0378r-WEBWe can all use some good news and if you are a traditional food retailer, the 2018 edition of FMI’s U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends has some.
  • Photo Friday: A Lesson In Affinage with Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

    Aug 17, 2018
    PhotoFriday WegmansSusan Borra, RD, chief health and wellness officer, Food Marketing Institute and executive director of the FMI Foundation, joins Wegmans' consumer affairs and nutrition team for a lesson in Affinage that included a cheese tasting in Rochester, New York.
  • The Symbiotic Relationship Between Eating Well And Shopping Well

    Aug 17, 2018
    20171129-FMI-Home Shoot-0477_edWe all want to eat well, but the concept means different things to different people. For some, eating well is all about the taste of the food; for others, it means consuming products of high nutritional value; and still for a growing number, eating well means knowing the food was sustainably and ethically produced. For most it is a fluctuating combination of all these factors. While the nuances of eating well may significantly vary with the individual, there is one universal truth for all aspiring to eat well. To eat well, one must first shop well; and we all need assistance in both endeavors.
  • Predicting the Transformation of Brick and Mortar Stores

    Aug 16, 2018
    Technology in Grocery StoresThe influential gamut of emerging in-store technologies captures the eyes of food retail idealists and realists alike. 
  • The 10,000 Mile FMI Food Safety Summer Tour

    Aug 14, 2018
    Food Safety TourAs I reflect on my 10,640-mile, three-month journey, I realized that food retailers play a crucial global leadership role to advance food safety knowledge. Attending these events not only expanded my knowledge of technical food safety content, but I also gained valuable insights from a diverse professional community, to support all FPC initiatives. 
  • Digital Relationships Forge Engagement with Shoppers

    Aug 13, 2018
    Johnson Fam SmartLabel VideoInfluencers – humans and animals –live in a digital world where they have a strong consumer following based on lifestyle, humor, advice or even culinary skills. There are tiers among influencers; celebrities hold their own, but they can also embody everyday heroes who might give us a simple idea for how to make my avocado toast not so “basic,” for instance. They impart tangible skills or even encourage social or political movements. Like or dislike the concept, PR professionals have found a way to leverage influencers in campaigns that align with their clients’ brand values and create virtual experiences for their potential customers. At the heart of it, these influencers are lifestyle coaches.
  • Brick and Mortar is Alive and Well

    Aug 10, 2018
    20161208-FMI-0873r-WEBAccording to FMI’s U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends 2018report, brick and mortar grocery stores, the signature channel in the food industry, have stabilize their status despite consumers’ use of other channels. Trends claims, “Consumers do shop across channels and banners, but still recognize the supermarket’s central role in meeting and defining their grocery shopping needs.”
  • A Sneak Peak of FreshForward

    Aug 09, 2018
    20171205-FMI-Store Shoot-0372r-LowResI’m in event planning mode. Our totally new and unique event FreshForward is coming up in just about a month and I’m very excited for the experience. Speakers are getting confirmed, sponsors or coming in and retailers are making travel arrangements. But, amid all the excitement, I wanted to take the time to properly introduce and explain FreshForward and give folks a sneak peak of what to expect. I could think of no one better to help me with this than my old friend, Barb Renner, vice chairman and U.S. consumer products leader with Deloitte.
  • What Do Meal Kits and Multicookers, like Instant Pot, Have in Common?

    Aug 08, 2018
    MulticookerTogether, meal kits and multicookers could provide food retailers with their next great sales growth.
  • Collaboration Is Our Shield Against Cyber Attacks

    Aug 06, 2018
    Shield WallModern day demands a new type of shield, especially when it comes to protecting businesses from one of the most deceptive enemies, a cyber attack. Our best defense is to collaborate and share information about previous attacks to help each other be better prepared and learn from missteps. Food retailers are committed to ensuring their customers’ information remains private and protected. As the industry starts to utilize more technology like robotics, self-driving cars, etc., our technology security professionals need to be ahead of the curve and anticipating potential threats.
  • Photo Friday: FMI's Food Safety Team Attends International Association of Food Protection Annual Meeting

    Aug 03, 2018
    IAFPAt this year’s International Association of Food Protectionin Salt Lake City Utah, Ashley Eisenbeiser, director of food and product safety, Food Marketing Institute, moderated a session discussing how retailers effectively communicate food safety messages with their customers.
  • Is Online Grocery Shopping Eroding In Store Business?

    Aug 02, 2018
    20171129-FMI-Home Shoot-0911_edIn the third webinar of this series, Leading Retailers: E-commerce as a Competitive Advantage, FMI and Rosie engaged in a panel discussion with leading retailers who have successfully launched online shopping at their stores. The discussion quickly shifted to the topic on many food retailers minds—is online grocery shopping eroding in store business?
  • AI Powers The Customer Experience

    Aug 01, 2018
    20151208-FMI-640r-WEBNot a day goes by that I don’t find myself reading about grocery stores rolling out new technologies to engage shoppers. If you happen to Google “technology in grocery stores,” I guarantee you’ll find at least five pages of relevant, interesting articles. I often wonder if we’re closer to living like The Jetsonsthan ever before. 
  • Mid-Year Update from Washington: A Productive Year for the Industry

    Jul 31, 2018
    GR Midyear Report 2018For an industry that is regulated from many different angles; as sellers of food, as employers and as business operations, each legislative fix or regulatory relief can provide food retailers with real benefits and cost savings as they focus on selling quality, safe and affordable food to customers across the country.
  • Navigating November: Toss Ups, Tough Races and Strong Holds

    Jul 30, 2018
    US MapThere’s been no lack of drama this primary season. Much of the national media is focused on the federal elections in the U.S. House and Senate, but they’re missing a big part of the story – will Democrats rebuild power in the governors’ races or will Republicans keep their almost record-breaking hold?  
  • Have You Heard? National Family Meals Month Movement Is Trending

    Jul 27, 2018
    NFMMTrendingThis September, the food retail industry celebrates the fourth annual National Family Meals Month™ (NFMM). NFMM and its huge impact is trending among consumers. Eighty-four percent of shoppers who saw the NFMM campaign reported healthier behaviors as a result of the program.  
  • Could Tornado Alley be the Next Silicon Valley?

    Jul 27, 2018
    road to technologyWhen the tech bubble burst at the end of 2000, I was working as a customer business manager at Kraft Foods. The following year, we integrated Nabisco and completed an initial public offering for the company, so we were laser-focused on reinforcing the foundation for a sustainable business model. I can recall how technology was making our lives easier at work – faxes were replaced by emails, I had a cell phone, I regularly got my news online using my laptop computer and this thing called an iPod was making my morning workout routines more enjoyable. While technology was better connecting people, the ill-fated irony was that dotcoms with a business-to-consumer focus were shuttering at rapid rates all around us.